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Here, in a “zone” where both Israelis and Palestinians feel comfortable, people from both nations meet regularly on the common ground of working, sharing and being together.The wish of the Plum Village monastics was to offer as many tools as possible for developing the insight of Interbeing by the use of mindful breathing, sitting, eating, walking, deep listening and loving speech.
Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals would have the opportunity to learn the skillful means to generate understanding and compassion in their daily lives.All of them were very open and eager to know more about the “others”. Walking through the amazing scenery in the absolute silence of the desert, we stopped twice to enjoy the stunning views and to listen to a Lakota chant one of our brothers offered into the stillness.
Luckily, 250m below sea level, in the absence of UV rays, sunburns are simply non-existent. Still, we were very happy to enjoy our meal in the shade of the mountains.After regaining some energy, we practiced the 10 Mindful Movements, and enjoyed a Dharma Talk.

Then we had Dharma Sharing, in which people shared their reflections and experience with the practice. Fears, hopes and needs as well as wishes for a common future of both nations were so honestly and intimately expressed that by the end we felt so “grown together”, so “One”, so “Family”. This afternoon was truly the peak of healing and transforming energy in this retreat!Dinner was very welcomed, and although tired from this rich day, we gathered joyfully in the “meditation hall” to listen to a presentation on the Five Mindfulness Trainings, shared by five young people who had received them in Plum Village.
We closed at 10 pm and nobody was able to keep their eyes open long enough to witness the “Noble Silence”. Everybody contributed songs, poems, stories, dances and so on, forgetting about the impermanence of time.

Finally, after practicing countless Hugging Meditations, exchanging emails, smiles and tears, we scattered in the ten directions, carrying the sprouted seeds of love, peace and oneness in us home to share the fruits with all beings.
Sitting here back in Plum Village and writing these lines, this feeling of connectedness arises again and I am so happy and grateful.

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