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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. YouTube said on Friday that it has acquired RightsFlow, a New York-based company which manages music rights for songwriters, recording artists, record labels and online music services.
After listening to ANY Bob Marley song, you instantly feel like a new person, happier with life, despite the hard times.
And I know some past time Bob Marley fans who are getting upset that people are only getting interested in Marley from I Am Legend, and the fans feel the others don’t know how much soul is put into this masterpiece. But, let it be, for they will understand the meaning, and more Bob Marley fans will emerge, fully submerged in the fullness of life.

YouTube, distributors of the highly popular salsa dance instructional videos of addicted2salsa, have launched a new music feature on their website! This simple salsa dance video lesson will show you how to connect beginner and intermediate salsa dance moves into a simple combination.
If you find our salsa dance videos useful, please consider leaving a contribution as Addicted2Salsa is only run by very few people and all costs come from our own budget. The new website feature allows you to type a salsa artist or song, and create a salsa music video playlist with videos that are related to that particular artist or song. This performance was also from the Flava Invasion weekend, and is a combination of salsa and it's closely related cousin: Afro-Cuban dance.

We will utilize a regular cross body lead, S-turn, Cross Body Lead 180 and a hammer lock loop over lock in sequence for this combination. This new feature is very similar to Pandora (no, not the Avatar type), where you can create a 'music radio' station based on artists that sound similar to a song or another artist.This is a great way to visually discover new salsa songs and artists!

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