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For stressed-out city dwellers, silent retreats -- being dubbed one of the biggest "travel trends" of 2013 -- may be the perfect antidote to the constant noise of busy, work-driven urban lives.
If you're ready to completely unplug and recharge, you might want to consider taking a temporary vow of silence at one of the country's best spiritual centers.
Located in a stone mansion on the scenic Massachusetts coast, the Jesuit-run retreat center offers silent retreats ranging from four days to one month in length. With single-room accomodations for up to 50 guests, the retreat house offers greater privacy than many other meditation and retreat centers.
PLEASE NOTE: EVENTS ARE CURRENTLY LISTED BY VENUE, AND NEW LISTINGS ARE ADDED TO THE TOP OF THIS LIST (when they are submitted in between issues). AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography about an East Indian Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s.
Join Jennifer Duggan, Transformational Health Coach and Natural Therapeutic Specialist for this FREE workshop on how to detox your body to release toxins, detox negativity, limiting beliefs and to help you activate your innate ability to heal and transform your life.
Jenny Duggan is a trained western medicine clinician and has worked in internal and allergy medicine.
Actively explore your inner worlds, experience more divine love, a feeling of peace, and increased awareness by chanting HU with others of like mind. Each service focuses on an aspect of Eckankar and features a reading from the ECK works, singing HU, talks, music, and a group discussion of spiritual principles at work in daily life.
Explore the aspects of our lives that contribute to and result from our relationship with money. The design of getting down to business while adopting a healthier work style in supportive, pleasing surroundings. Learn how to access and release old patterns and conditioning held in the body through the field of the heart. For more than 14 years, Embodydance has created community through gathering together in Ecstatic Dance—considered a sacred practice by many of our members.
We would like you to join us for our Holiday Celebration with the lighting of our live tree and meditation on December 13, 2014 from 4pm – 7pm. Helping to build humanity’s bridge to the spiritual kingdom, serve humanity and transform our world. Receive gifts of tranquility, flow of life and acceptance from the Whales during silent meditation. Do you seek a message from a loved one or want to hear a message that will help you during these challenging times? Experience no-touch clearing of congested energies, and energizing and balancing of the energy body. Release the Thought Stream and Drift into a State of Deep Relaxation on a Current of Wondrous Sound. Expand your psychic and mediumship ability through consistent practice in a safe and sacred environment.
Be inspired by an intuitive process for opening and sensitizing consciousness to receive Spirit’s vision for your life, one of wholeness, joy, prosperity creativity and generosity of heart. Featuring guest soloist Patricia Watson, RScP, Award-winning Jazz Singer from Nova Scotia, Canada.
High Desert Center for Spiritual Living practitioners are available after services for affirmative prayer for any attendees of the 10am service. Combines challenging, Pilates-type movement with a meditative atmosphere benefiting both body and spirit. Raise your vibrations, activate the codes of wellness, maximize the life force, live in the power of your Heart. Reiki practitioners of any level, any lineage, are invited to give & receive team treatments, following a “common practice” (practitioners use designated hand positions and follow predetermined guidelines). As much as I adore traveling, sometimes the exhaustion of constant movement, jam-packed days and noisy hostels can really wear me out. I can understand why some people would be hesitant to sign up for the retreat because they’re unsure of the meditation aspect.
If you’re thinking about doing a retreat in Southeast Asia, definitely make it Hariharalaya. Thank to Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat for an amazing experience and to everyone who made it such a special highlight on my trip!
I strongly believe that chakra meditation is so much effective in our body fitness, mental and also for spiritual energy. At Don't Forget To Move we help promote and inspire adventurous, authentic and responsible travel around the world.
In light of the growth of interest in Buddhism and meditation in the United States, Chung Tai International Retreat Center plans to develop a world class Zen Buddhist retreat center with a serene environment for local as well as international practitioners to practice Zen meditation and study Buddhist teachings. If today’s younger San Francisco embodies the task-oriented gentrification of tech-obsessed workers thriving on cyber business and the startup lifestyle, then the older San Francisco is often described as a historical meditative place in the heart of the 1960s bohemian counterculture. In the heart of Napa Valley Wine Country, an hour and twenty minutes outside of the city, Mayacamas Ranch represents the bridge between the fast-paced corporate San Francisco and the meditation-oriented spiritual path. Surrounded by 72 acres of breathtaking meditation gardens stands the Ananda Meditation Retreat. Ananda Village, where The Expanding Light Retreat is located, happens to be one of the most highly respected spiritual villages in the world. In the remote back roads of Solano County, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, dwells the little Silent Stay Retreat Hermitage.
A few weeks ago, I spent 21 days practicing meditation in a temple in the north of Thailand. The meditation style was an intensive form of vipassana (insight meditation), the core practice in many Buddhist traditions.
In this retreat, I was practicing mindfulness in three different activities: mindful prostrations, walking, and sitting.
In the sitting meditation, I would simply sit crosslegged, with eyes closed, observing my thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. If you have done any meditation practice, nothing described so far must be very surprising.
Personally, I had intended to take an intensive meditation retreat for years, but there was something holding me back. By the end of the first week of repeating the same routine, I had moments where my mind was internally screaming, kicking and fighting to find a way out. I would catch myself counting the days left to the end of the retreat, the hours left to the end of the day, and the minutes left to the end of the hour. Superficial freedom, once experienced, brings us to the very realization of its inconsistency. And this realization may well arrive in a tiny wooden hut, where the only thing you can do is walk back and forth. Raffaello Manacorda (but you can call him Raffa) is a certified Yoga teacher and veteran Tantra practitioner.

He is the author of Conscious Relationships: The Art of Bringing Awareness to Intimacy & Sexuality, a practical guide to evolved intimate relationships.
His passion is human evolution in all its manifestations, and he loves to write about sexuality and spirituality.
It's amazing when you think about how often the mind holds us back from true freedom, and all the truths of life.
Crestone Retreat Center offers solo and group retreats throughout the year except during our annual three-month Practice Period (January 9 – April 28).
Although these Walden-esque getaways are not for the faint-hearted (the retreats require days of solitude and zero interaction with technology, in most cases), their restorative benefits are many. From a lodge in rural Oregon surrounded by natural hot springs to a coastal California getaway, these 10 meditation facilities offer group and personal silent retreats for a few days to a full month of nothing but stillness and de-stressing.
Jennifer will explain how she overcame a serious health condition and nourished her body, rid her body of toxins and activated her body’s own ability to heal. She is an expert in detoxing, adrenal fatigue as well as a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The Divine Living Academy and the NM School of Natural Therapeutics. Learn about expanded consciousness and inner knowing, spiritual help and healing, insights into past lives, dreams, or Soul Travel, and keys to help accelerate your pursuit of truth.
We learn how to give and receive this healing modality with a partner during the workshops.
This non-profit free-form dance community offers a safe place to experience your own personal dance wave with trained facilitators.
We’ll explore directly what meditative work is and how it sheds light on the concerns of our lives, not theoretically, but from a simple meditative listening with no agenda.
As light returns to the earth during this magical time, let us find ourselves filled with more light as well.
Join us for a FREE demo on the use of biofeedback, nutrition and detoxing for balancing the brain and creating the focus and attention you desire!
As we create from the template of the code of life, we enable optimal healing in all living systems by establishing balance through harmony. Your skill level and psychic and mediumship ability will increase the more that you attend the circle.
Visioning is applicable to all aspects of life—spiritual, professional, relational, financial and in community. Get rid of the limiting beliefs stuck in your subconscious and generate life-supporting behaviors. Improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, and most are adaptable to a wide range of fitness levels. Gather with us to deepen our personal relationship with the Divine through prayer and meditation led by Phaeryn Sheehan and Marie Marks. Ranging from more energetic yoga, to Yin, to partner yoga (my favorite!), I enjoyed all of them from start to finish. Although I was sleepy it was amazing starting the day with some deep stretches to get the blood flowing. The cheapest option at $285 is a bed in the dorm, followed by the Open Air twin bungalow ($310) but book ahead because these options fill up quick. With a quiet reading room, cinema room, games room, a beautiful pool (!) and about a million hammocks for kicking back.
The experience is a bit hard to describe, falling somewhere between a zen community and an adult summer camp. These include a body language & communication workshop (super interesting) to a yoga alignment workshop (definitely regret not signing up for this!) to a yoga class on the ruins.
Even if you’re not huge on yoga and meditation, this experience will be a highlight of your trip.
On the other hand: undyingly messy, chronic blanket hog and so bad with directions I can get lost going to the corner store.
Travelers have the power to shape the world that they explore, by choosing destinations, tour operators and experiences that prioritize the care and protection of local culture, as well as the environment and animal populations. While this perceived cultural binary continues to be debated and extracted politically by the media, as many older residents experience abrupt evictions at the hands of emerging tech companies looking to buy up real estate, subcultures of the old San Francisco are still very much alive and visible. Corporations like Apple, eBay, Oracle, and other leading Fortune 500 companies regularly hold meetings and wellness retreats for their employees. Representative as a kind of living mandala, throughout the years Spirit Rock has continued to host a packed program schedule year round. The beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for the silent retreats, intended to still the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. Situated on approximately 700 acres, the community is dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and was founded by his direct disciple, Yogi Swami Kriyananda. Word has it that the hot springs at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center have been developed into Japanese-style public outdoor baths called Onsens. Spiritual psychologists, authors, teachers of world religions, and founders Ruth and Bruce Davis established this non-profit in 1986 with the intention of supporting all people who wish to promote inner peace.
The mindful prostrations are a set of codified movements that help connect the awareness with the body. If, in order to feel ‘free,’ I need to be able to do anything I please at any given moment, what kind of feeble freedom is that? Then, we can have a hint of the deeper freedom, the one that doesn’t depend on any external circumstances, but only on a spacious, unbound awareness of what is. If we don't learn to control our mind, it will take control of us and keep us confined in a pattern of what it thinks is freedom.
I cannot provide nurture and wisdom to the people I love without the opportunity to fill up my own cup. Increasingly, travelers seeking relaxation, balance and spiritual renewal are heading to meditation centers from the Berkshires to Big Sur in search of simplicity. The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group is organizing a Global Water Festival in 2017 as well as World Water Day celebrations around March 22nd each year. Learn to choose products with plant based and naturally derived ingredients and gentle preservatives. Vendors, unique healing sessions, spiritual artwork, healing hugs, intuitive messages, wellness products, healing tools, mini-massage, herbal remedies, healing jewelry, aura readings, healthy coffee and so much more!
Meets at ABQ Ctr on 1st Wednesday and at High Desert Center for Spiritual Living on 3rd Wednesday. The morning yoga class was nice and gentle, perfect for waking up and putting us in the right mind frame for our meditation.
It’s wifi-free and has designated “digital detox” zones, which is a refreshing change from most hostels where everyone’s zoned out in front of their screens. We show travelers how to see the world authentically through unique stories, engaging photography and videos, honest reviews and practical travel tips. At Don't Forget To Move we support eco-friendly initiatives, local community projects and socially conscious businesses that help promote ethical, responsible and culture focused travel.

The most distinguishable are the scenic meditation retreats just outside the city limits, most of which were established during the Love Generation. The luxurious yoga studios stocked with props and state-of-the-art lodging facilities offer panoramic views of the countryside and include massage rooms and a heated pool and hot tub, with nearby hiking trails for adventurous nature-lovers.
Clinical psychologist and Buddhist Leader Jack Kornfield, who trained in the monasteries of India, Thailand, and Burma before founding Spirit Rock, continues to inspire a culture of love and appreciation for all aspects of life. The elements involved in such an experience include learning basic meditation techniques as well as learning gentle yoga poses to release stress and tension in the body. With only 200 residents living on this peaceful land in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, the environment and collective intention of living a spiritual life is evident in the town’s quaint simplicity. The 126-acre mountain property was purchased in 1967 by the San Francisco Zen Center, which built it into the oldest Japanese Buddhist Soto Zen monastery in the United States.
During retreats, guests enjoy habitual morning and evening meditation guides that teach calmness.
Vipassana is all about bringing awareness, or mindfulness, to whatever one is doing in the present moment. They only take a few minutes and are an introductory practice to the walking and sitting meditation. I thought that being in silence and withdrawal for a few weeks would be super challenging for me.
And there, in the realization that I had no choice but to accept what is, I found an unexpected realization about freedom.
The wooden walls of the tiny cabin where I was walking back and forth for hours felt just as spacious as a tropical beach or a remote mountaintop. The mind is constantly moving, and it loves a different kind of temporary, fleeting freedom.
I have been doing a lot of reading about this recently and was interested in what you were saying about how you felt time was going slow, how you felt like you were caged in and your mind was screaming at you – but that's what happens when we take control over our mind! Receive a special list on detoxing, a nourishing Superfoods list and tools for a successful cleanse as we enter 2015! Time to focus on my physical and mental wellbeing, as well as some damn peace and quiet! After some research I found the Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center, located just outside of Siem Reap in Cambodia. I signed up for a one-on-one class with Maike and it was definitely worth the extra $25 (imagine how much a private class would cost at home!).
Whether you’re dealing with anxiety or depression, or just want to become more focused and productive, it can seriously help with everything!
From delicious sauces and dips (hummus anyone?!) to tasty homemade desserts, the cooks are phenomenal! The retreat gives you a space to really open up and have meaningful conversations with other backpackers.
Together we can start a movement towards responsible tourism that positively impacts the cultures, communities and environments that we explore. These sacred places continue to offer guests and spiritual seekers the space to reconnect with the higher aspects of their own being. The lodging areas set the mood for group creativity with cozy fireplaces, skylights, hardwood floors, and a garden room with a running fountain ideal for contemplation among vibrant blooming vegetables and plants. In the larger American culture of stress-inducing consumerism, materialism offers people addictions to satisfy that inner void, whether drugs and alcohol or excessive shopping. During retreats, teachers are present to guide visitors of the art and science of prayer and meditation and nature exercises to open their hearts. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center invites guests to step away from busy lives in order to reconnect with their being between April 8th and September 11th. In the afternoons, guest may roam the spacious, European-style grounds past bright green gardens with time to rest, walk, read, meditate, journal, or just be free of technology and other external responsibilities. In the walking meditation, I would mainly walk back and forth inside my hut (three meters by two), trying to be present and mindful with the movement of my feet, as well as with any thoughts or impressions I had during the walk. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.
As a meditation newbie I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I quickly felt right at home, enjoying the yoga and mediation, clean living and the incredible group of people and staff at the retreat.
It can feel a bit weird at first and you’ll probably find yourself thinking “hasn’t it been 15 minutes already?!” but stick with it. The retreat is a bit pricey if you’re on a backpacker budget, but I can attest that it’s definitely worth the price tag. I left with incredible new friends, a daily yoga and meditation practice and with a heart so full that it felt like it was going to explode. As a response, Kornfield invites spiritual seekers of all ages to ‘let go of the battle.
The Seva (serving) Yoga program offers beginners a form of yoga that emphasizes the nature of giving as a way of experiencing collective enlightenment via spiritual togetherness and integration.
Many visitors enjoy the homestyle vegetarian cooking onsite, garden walks to the nearby Crystal Hermitage, and daily guided yoga sessions, energizing exercises, and meditation. The Center is isolated within the Ventana wilderness, more than 16 miles from the nearest paved road and only accessible via a very narrow, steep, one-lane dirt road. The vast mountainside scenery, with its rolling vistas, signifies the kind of expansiveness inherent in all beings.
Wherever we are, the reality around us comes to us through our senses. But freedom is independent from what we see, hear, or smell. The meaning of the universe was hidden there, in that cabin, just as it would have been hidden anywhere else I happened to be. Together we created a personal yoga sequence customized to the areas that I wanted to focus on. You’re not only paying for the food, accommodation and classes, you’re paying for the whole experience. Freedom is an inner quality, and therefore it has nothing to do with the circumstances around us. I’ve been doing my practice (almost!) every morning since the retreat and absolutely love it. The staff works hard to create an incredible environment and pack as much as possible into your 6 days. Founder Suzuki Roshi’s disciples and students of his disciples lead dharma groups around the country.
Sean, one of the staff, hosts a magic show one night and it was seriously the best magic show I’ve ever seen by far!

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