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We wers still working on this one, but that little old dear with the teddy bears is Elizabeth 'Super Nanny' Bosveld, also goes by her middle name Mary Bosveld.
It is RUMOURED but unsubstantiated that she may have recruited 'Stros', who as many of you know operates the 'Do Nothing' blog. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this website are solely those of their respective authors. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission issues an ACN to the companies registered in Australia.

The Australian Taxation Office is the authority that allots the ABN for companies in Australia.
The Australian Business Number can be used in place of the Australian Company Number if it also includes the nine digits of the ACN. Both the ACN and ABN have to appear on all documents, including invoices, receipts, account statements, orders, business letterheads, notices, promissory notes and written advertisements. It is not that all businesses with an Australian Company Number require an Australian Business Number.
She is Australian, lives in Tasmania, and was one of the very early uptakers of BB (also breds Rotties).

Due to her early involvement, she has been responsible for unleashing it on Australia, and New Zealand links have been found too.
We were under the impression she had quit BB, but this video is fairly recent (and yes it is one of Mark Stokes feature videos) and she has this 'blog' which was recently updated.

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