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After Activation Lock is enabled remotely, your iPhone will display a message for you with details on how to return it to you.
Toggle the feature ON with a tap, and then decide if you want to show that your device is being tracked remotely by setting the Status Bar Icon toggle to ON. This is a rather smart addition as trying to find an iPhone that's out of juice can be an effort in frustration.
Android may be catching up fast, but iOS is still the most widely used mobile operating system out there. So the first thing you have to do once everything is up and running is to start adding friends to it.
You view where a contact is currently located on Google Maps using its 3 different views; Standard, Satellite and Hybrid (just like in the stock Maps app). AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Dear Customer,Your service request has been completed and your IPOD NANO shipped on 2013-04-12.
The micro-SIM is a smaller version of a SIM card found in your mobile phone, but holds exactly the same functions and micro-applications.
A micro-SIM is basically smaller than a normal SIM card like you have and will only work in an iPad or iphone 4 and a watch phone by Lok8u,. You can see from the images below and see the sim is much smaller than normal but the inner workings of the sim chip are the same with only small modifications that will be further explained down below in the article. Should i use Scissors or a Knife or Blade to Cut my Sim to Micro Sim Format to use in ipad or Apple 4 ? Not so Fast as thier was some news in today from Apple that might put a damper on your plans to save yourself a Wad of Notes. A better option would be to contact your carrier to get a micro-SIM card or if you do want to convert a normal sim to a micro sim use the Micro sim Cutter Option and if you need to convert your micro sim back to normal you can also use micro sim adapters.. Another reason Apple moved to the new format was a smart marketing technique. Their is nothing new about the micro sim other than the change of size and apple know this would be good talking point for others to create more talk and publicity around their products and people will percieve also the micro sim is special for apple products or even made by them. The micro sim was first used by Lok8u, they were the first to ship a micro-SIM product in the United States — a watch that relays the location of children from their wrists to their parents’ cellphones.Jobs Got in Second on the Act here but will claim the Glory and portray this as Apples invention too. Makes perfect business sense from Apple’s point of view, but seems a riff off as the Device is Purchased Sim Free and such Restrictions should not be placed. The two types of Micro Sim card for Apple ipad & Iphone 4 Explained and Can you use if you convert you existing sims to micro sim format. If you already have a Good mobile contract Deal with Free Data allowance this Leaves you with the Following options if you convert you network sim to micro format and buy a Sim Free iphone 4 or Ipad 3G.
Can i use my Data only Sim from my existing data dongle or Mifi with Sim Free Ipad & Iphone 4G ? The UK O2 network is offering its daily tariff (?2 per day for 500MB) but users need to wait for Friday before they can order their SIM. Do you have an Apple iPad or planning to buy one soon – Did you know that your existing SIM card will not fit?

From what I’ve read so far, the only difference between a regular GSM (Mini) SIM and a 3FF MicroSIM is the size and, supposedly, the content in both cases is exactly the same. So for users who use already have sims will posses the ones that are voice and data enabled by the network or service provider. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
You might want to leave it off if you don’t want potential theives to know you’ve got them in your sights. Dubbed "Send Last Location", the toggle, when turned on, automatically sends the last known location of an iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level. So, that is why there was a lot of hype surrounding everything that was announced in Apple’s much-awaited iPhone event last week. Each added contact will have to approve your request and allow his or her location to be viewed by you.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you've got the first generation model, then it might actually be a fire starter masquerading as a digital music player. This is the link that takes you to Apple's info page on the program, and this link starts the process to see if your iPod nano qualifies. If it's not working for you, try switching browsers and try again, or try taking it into an Apple Store and they can help you get the ball rolling.
Like a regular SIM, the micro-SIM holds your subscriber information for the carrier and is great for storing phone book contacts and other personal information.
Micro-SIMs are user-replaceable and slide into a little slot in your device just like regular SIMs.
The size of the micro-SIM is about a half of a regular SIM card (12×15 mm instead of 15x25mm). It would be reckless to consider taking a pair of scissors to cut the plastic of a regular SIM cards to make a micro-SIM. Changing down to the micro format so that they can make it much harder to fit Gadgets inside the iphone 4 or ipad sim gates.
Both parties have to consent while setting up the app if they want to share their location with a particular person, just like in Google’s Latitude for Android. Even when the location has been enabled once, all you need to do to hide yourself is to go the the settings menu in the app and choose Hide from Followers. The option becomes visible as soon as a location is highlighted or gets detected as your current location. But you just might get a new 6th generation model out of it.Apple has recently concluded that some 1st generation iPod nanos have a faulty battery with a manufacturing defect that can cause overheating, which can obviously pose a safety risk. Though it contains the same information, it is not physically compatible with regular SIM cards found in your mobile phone. Anyone who would attempt to do so would risk damaging both their SIM and also the SIM slot of the device but its possible with some Skill.

From what I understand, this classification is done by the network operator in order to determine what set of services to provide and the SIMs are essentially the same otherwise, yet from this article, I seem to understand that the SIMs are different altogether. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.
And of course, the introduction of TouchID added even another layer of safety into the mix.
Then use your Apple ID to login and send friend request to those whom you want to locate .Similar to Google Latitude app , Find My Friends is a handy tool to track your buddies or see if the kids are home from school . So, if you have an old iPod nano that you purchased between September 2005 and December 2006, stop using it now and head on over to Apple's iPod nano (1st gen) Replacement Program.The first generation nano models have a silver metal backing and either a white or black plastic front. The apps that Apple announced at their event have finally arrived on the iTunes App Store. Find My Friends is one of them and can be considered a new way of staying in touch with your friends and always knowing where they are.
If you've got one of the newer all-metal ones, then you're in the clear.If you indeed have a 1st gen nano, then you might qualify for the replacement program. Furthermore, if both SIMs are actually different, then can you please elaborate upon this difference. To see if you qualify, you'll need to find the serial number on your device (picture below) and enter it into Apple's system. You will be presented with options to allow the app to access your location and send you push notifications.
The program is only offered in 19 countries, so select your country and proceed to check your serial number.If you're eligible, just follow the steps on Apple's site to claim your replacement model.
Many users have reported getting refurbished 1st generation models, but it seems like Apple may have run out of refurbished versions.
Some owners are now claiming to have received new 6th generation iPod nanos as replacements. So, if you act now you might be lucky enough to snag one, complete with a touchscreen, pedometer, and FM radio!If your current model has a personal engraving, you will be getting an un-engraved version back. If you need instructions on that, click on either Mac or Windows for your respective operating system. Their is nothing new about the micro sim other than the change of size and apple know this would be good talking point for others to create more talk and publicity around their products and people will percieve also the micro sim is special for apple products or even made by them.
Today’s News Puts a Damper on the Hopes of People wanting to use their existing network Simcard on the Apple Ipad Apple has added a section to its iPhone FAQ confirming that you won’t be able to use one Micros SIM in both the smartphone and the Apple iPad.
The iPhone 4 is for regular use, whereas with the iPad we offer moreflexibility over data use.” Makes perfect business sense from Apple’s point of view, but seems a riff off as the Device is Purchased Sim Free and such Restrictions should not be placed.

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