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Looking to buy a New Android Phone or see how your current phone stacks-up against the ever more powerful competition? When the One Series was announced way back in February there was big talk from HTC on how the company would be cutting down on the number of models released and that this would be how HTC could reclaim the high-end.
Sprint and HTC came together to create yet another EVO device earlier in the year and whilst it was a good device it was a lot of the same – apart from maybe a kickstand. This latest QWERTY device from Motorola generated a lot of buzz when it hit the carrier, being Sprint’s first decent QWERTY offering in a long time.
The One X is still going strong despite some competition coming from all sides and the looming launch of the One X+.
When I arrived at Walmart and saw the advertisement for the Family Mobile Plan, I was skeptical. The cons are big deals to me, but it was worth seeing if I could live without those to save money for my family. When I realized, that I could save almost $700, I decided I needed to take the chance on this plan. Because I needed to find my PIN, it did give me an opportunity to explore the Walmart Family Mobile Plan site.
It’s certain that the Taiwanese outfit has released less phones in 2012 than they did last year but, the One S fro HTC is starting to show its age.

Despite how many times LG said as much we always knew that they’d be some carrier crazy enough to try such a device and it turns out that it was Verizon who stepped up.
Of course we do, the first device to bring us Ice Cream Sandwich and the first to bring us Jelly Bean after that.
Amongst them is the Droid RAZR M that’s just launched and for $99 on contract this thing is amazing value.
Whilst upcoming phones may have the power to compete, few of them have it all like Samsung’s latest flagship.
Which is a strange thing to say as it has a decent processor and some good design cues however, the qHD display and the looming One X+ has put this phone’s writing firmly on the wall. It’s got a massive battery in there and still carries some good looks and decent hardware. Device wise though, this harkens back to the original EVO days and those upgrading from that will be pleased with the advances, the kickstand is back and makes even more sense with that 720p HD display.
You get the same dual-core Snapdragon found in the One X and AT&T and whilst you only get a qHD display and poor cameras you get a lot for your buck here.
If you’re absolutely desperate for a QWERTY keyboard though, look no further, this is everything the Droid should have become.
The device packs a competent processor, a decent screen and did I mention, it’s a Nexus?

It’s a shame to see the device launch with Ice Cream Sandwich but you can never expect too much from Motorola now can you? You can now get it in a variety of different colors, making the Galaxy S III one of the few high-end devices that you can get in anything other than black or white.
When the new Galaxy Note hits I’m sure these will be super-cheap so you could always wait a while? There is one bonus though – the bootloader here is unlockable so, development should deliver some promising results. With all the rumors circling new Nexus phones from all manufacturers people are starting to feel Nexus fever and what better way for them to get a cure by picking one of these up right away. Design wise it sort of seems like a cheap Chinese knock-off of the Droid RAZR line but, it’s not terrible, just not as good as it could be.
It’s available on all the big carriers so you can pretty much take your pick who to go with, whether to stay or go. You can buy them unlocked from the Play Store for a great price and you can get LTE on Verizon and Sprint but, be warned, updates will take far longer than they should on the two CDMA giants.

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