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Should switch nocontract phone carrier cnet, Should you switch to a nocontract phone carrier it's getting cheaper and easier to own a smartphone but is there a downside to breaking away from the.
Best nocontract wireless plans unlocked android devices, When it comes to nocontract wireless plans most of the tech world is completely clueless on how the plans operate and what experiences they provide. Compare prepaid cell phones cellular phone plans, Compare prepaid cell phones and save money on your cellular phone plan. Only few weeks after it’s added YouTube and few other video providers, T-Mobile has enriched its free music and video streaming services ones again.
In the last couple of years, T-Mobile USA, owned by Deutsche Telekom, has been pushing hard to gain more market share in the wireless market by improving their network service and offering very competitive prepaid monthly plans. T-Mobile might add Simple Choice Data Only plans soon, according to leaked image obtained by TmoNews.
T-Mobile has ones again expanded the number of video content providers included in Binge On, compressed video streaming (480p) service on mobile devices that doesn’t count against plans’ high speed data.
T-Mobile announced today that it has partnered with Major League Baseball (MLB) for another three years as its official sponsor.
T-Mobile Offers PTel Customers To Switch And Get Free Month Of Service And Free SIM until Feb.
PTel’s unexpected announcement that it will shut down its service in February after more than 15 years of successfully operating results with different carriers offering PTel customers to switch and save their number. T-Mobile announced its new promotion starting February 3, 2016 in which it will offer free prepaid phone to new customers. T-Mobile today announced new improvements to Binge On, relatively new but highly popular and controversial at the same time service that provides free compressed video streaming that doesn’t counts against plans’ data. Just as leak suggested a couple of weeks ago, T-Mobile has improved its Simply Prepaid plans on January 24, 2016.

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T-Mobile’s prepaid division as well as T-Mobile MVNOs, carriers who operate on T-Mobile’s network by reselling their service, are benefiting from that with constant growth of prepaid subscribers.
The new deal will provide a free year of MLB.TV Premium, streaming and watching regular season Major League Baseball games on mobile devices. In addition to T-Mobile MVNOs as Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile, Ting and Lycamobile, T-Mobile offers PTel customers free month of service and a free SIM if they switch to any of the new Simply Prepaid plans. In order to qualify, customers must sign in to plans starting at $40 and higher on Simple Choice No Credit plans, Simple Choice Prepaid or recently improved Simply Prepaid plans. Choosing the best network plans for your cell phones is really a must and you are the one that will decide what or which one to choose.

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New video streaming providers added to Binge On include Dailymotion, EPIX, OVGuide, OWNZONES, Viki, YipTV, 120 Sports, Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land while Music Freedom has been expanded with music service providers as Amazon Music, Chilltrax, ESPN Radio, OHIO.FM, PreDanz and Uforia.
According to image, T-Mobile Simple Choice Data Only Plans will be available for GSM devices only. After this expansion, Binge On counts over 50 video content providers in total, from which customers can stream videos without data use.
PTel customers, active or suspended, are required to port in their phone number in order to qualify for this special deal.
Free T-Mobile prepaid phones are the Coolpad Rogue, ZTE Obsidian, LG Leon, and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Along with 14 video streaming services added earlier this month and the ones initially launched, T-Mobile counts more than 40 video streaming services on Binge On in total. Data plans will not qualify for a $10 Automatic Mobile Internet Discount and Blackberry devices that can be used with T-Mobile Simple Choice Data Only Plans are Blackberry 10 or Priv. Therefore streaming every out-of-market regular season game on their smartphone or tablet won’t count against users’ high speed data allotments. In addition, Simply Prepaid plans now include Data Maximizer, optimized video streaming at DVD (480p) quality and Music Unlimited, free music streaming.

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