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Verizon Wireless is the top-rated cellphone carrier in the Denver area once again, according to the latest report by independent network evaluator RootMetrics. In addition to receiving the top overall ranking for cellphone coverage and service, Verizon garnered the highest marks for Internet data performance.
After recently lighting up its high-speed LTE network, T-Mobile topped the charts for mobile broadband speeds. While there are four national carriers, it’s increasingly clear that Sprint is not in the same league as the other three in the Denver area.
Sprint, which has a larger subscriber base than T-Mobile, still hasn’t launched LTE service in Denver. In terms of network reliability, Verizon sits on top, followed by AT&T, which has a clear lead over No. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, or reckless to the community.
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You might think that choosing your cellphone is much more important than choosing your cell phone provider, but if you get stuck with the wrong provider, it?s really like being stuck in a bad marriage for 24 long months. Fortunately, with UnlockBase there is a an easy and painless way to get a quickie divorce from your service provider, because UnlockBase has the largest database of mobile phones and service provider around the globe, and is able to unlock your cellphone within seconds. Well first of all, the provider provides the all-important network coverage you will receive throughout the length of your contract, and coverage is not created equal.
The data network and data package didn?t use to matter so much when apps and video games weren?t as all powerful as they are today. Service providers tend to push you towards the phone they want you to have, and quite often this is a model which they want to offload before the new version comes in. If all goes well and you have done your homework properly, you won?t need to be talking or dealing with customer service too often, but if you find you are dealing with them, and you are not satisfied, the chances are it?s because you haven?t ironed out all the important details we have mentioned above. The post How to choose the best cellphone service provider appeared first on UnlockBase Blog. Every New Yorker has experienced the frustration that comes with being unable to use your phone underground.

Using one of their homegrown benchmarks, GWS tested the wireless connections across all four major carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T on the city's most traveled subway lines. GWS only tested areas within Manhattan that experience the most commuter traffic, so the results only reflect certain areas on each subway route.
Here are how various subway lines compared ranked from best to worst according to GWS' results.
MTA head spokesperson Adam Lisberg reached out to Business Insider to provide the following comment regarding wireless service in subway stations across New York City and GWS' A test results.
Transit Wireless has successfully installed wireless and Wi-Fi service in 47 subway stations, and is ahead of schedule on its groundbreaking project to install service in all 278 underground stations by 2017.
1 in the RootMetrics report covering the Denver metro area, the service quality gap appears to be closing between the nation’s largest wireless service provider and its biggest rivals.
The carrier, though, tied for first with AT&T for text quality, which measures send failures and delivery speeds. She previously spent 10 years doing the same thing for The Orange County Register before taking a hiatus to move here and become a SAHM to a precocious toddler.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. That?s always good to know, but it doesn?t alter the fact that you should give serious consideration to which cellphone provider before you sign on the dotted line.
You can have poor and patchy coverage from one service provider in one particular area, and excellent coverage from another. Before you sign up for that shiny new phone with the big megapixels, find out if it offers GSM when traveling abroad. But in this age of intense online surfing on your smartphone, data packages and the speed at which they are delivered are all important and must be examined carefully. If you want LTE, which of course you most probably do, get to know where the carrier has the best 4G coverage and how fast it is. Over 90% of calls or interaction with the customer service departments of network service providers stems from either the phone, the coverage, the data package, or the bills. This service has transformed life underground, making it easier for subway customers to stay safe and connected.
Verizon and T-Mobile tied for first in call performance, measured by frequency of dropped and blocked calls.

Before you make up your mind, ask the provider to check your area to see how well they cover your part of the world. You need a data package generous enough to enable all the things you want to do on a daily basis including use of the internet, sending of e-mails, streaming music and videos, and of course, downloading apps and video games. So it really pays to do your homework and read a whole bunch of online reviews about a wide variety of phones before settling on the one that?s best for you.
If you have found out all you need to know before you sign up, you can quite possibly get by with only minimal need for customer service. Recently, a Virginia company tried to measure the strength of wireless service in stations that dona€™t have wireless antennas installed yet a€“ as well as in tunnels which have never been wired for service. The tests covered a range of typical activities, such as placing calls, sending text messages and browsing the Internet.
You don?t want to arrive in a foreign country only to find your phone can?t find a signal and is effectively dead for the whole trip. If you are not able to access free WiFi while you surf you?ll be amazed how fast your phone gobbles up data.
If the service provider doesn?t have the phone model you want, take time to check what they are offering before signing up.
But like we say, if you find you?re not happy, and you?re stuck with poor service and a lousy package, don?t worry, there?s always UnlockBase!
This says a lot about the companya€™s methodology, but it has nothing relevant to say about wireless service in the subway system.
Different service providers offer different models and even the same models can be at different monthly rates, so check and double check your phones so that you don?t get swayed or misinformed by the sales talk. Any New Yorker who has called, texted, emailed or surfed the web while waiting for a train knows the value of this service and, and their opinions matter more than an out-of-state press release.

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