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The list with the most anticipated phones of 2013 must start with Samsung, because they had such a good year in 2012. Microsoft is known around the World for its operating system and programs and for their video gaming success with the XBox and Xbox 360. Of course, I’m still waiting for a smartphone that will allow me to record music at high standards, maybe one that will actually have support for a condenser microphone or audio interfaces. We want rail companies to make it easier for passengers to get their money back for train delays. An expert guide to your consumer rights with free tools and advice for what to do if things go wrong. Find and compare local maternity services with our free service to help you choose where to give birth. An endorsement scheme helping consumers find reputable traders in the home improvement and motoring sectors.
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With March underway, the NCAA college basketball tournament is starting up and there’s something exciting about single-loss elimination scenarios that put extra emphasis on match-ups.

We have nearly weekly discussions within the TechnoBuffalo editorial staff on these same discussions, “HTC One vs. PS: This is the only post in all of TechnoBuffalo where “FTW” can be used in proper context. We have seen amazing smartphones flooding the market, smartphones like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X. They raised the stakes of the game with their Galaxy S3, an amazing device, a top smartphone at a reasonable price (compared to the iPhone’s price). With this cell phone, Apple acknowledged that the consumer is not satisfied with a small display, and everyone wants a bigger phone. They are struggling for some time to enter the smartphone market, and 2013 could be their year. He now knows that in order to remain relevant, he needs to penetrate every segment of the market, smartphone market included. We thought we’d run our own version of March Madness, Mobile Madness, where we pit (by random draw) mobile phone to mobile phone and allow our readers to crown the TechnoBuffalo Mobile Madness winner. We randomly selected the head to head parings by selecting phones from my magical jewel encrusted goblet (very scientific and official). He has been infatuated with technology reviews ever since he bought his first crummy laptop in the summer of 2000.
As PCs all over upgraded to dual-core processors a long time ago, so are the smartphones now.For people who live by their smartphones for whatever reasons, occasionally the average single core processor will not be enough.
Rumors state that it will feature a quad-core chip, a 5” display and a 13 megapixel camera.
With all these in mind, they didn’t forget that a phone is not a tablet, and you still need to be able to use it with just one hand. That’s why, in 2013, Facebook will release its own smartphone, the HTC Opera UL, the official Facebook phone. We understand no matter how we paired these match-ups, someone will always complain, but hey this is all for fun.

Whether its for work, file share, socializing or gaming, the speed at which all the apps in the world are evolving demands for any faster smartphone. Cell phone manufacturers are already preparing those devices that we like so much: the best cell phones of 2013. So, starting from this idea, they have created the iPhone 5, probably the best smartphone of 2012. We’re sure many of you have the same conversation amongst your friends, and people often look to you when selecting a phone.
Dual SIM phones haven’t had excellent specs or quality historically, which one is not flagship either, however the performance should be enough for most of us. In the mean time, Apple already announced the iOS 7 as the next installment of their operating system for mobiles and tablets. According to SciNotions, there are at least 10 cool features that make it better than iOS 6, so we can expect further great things from Apple.
This really is one of HTC’s first tries in the dual SIM market, and I’m glad they’re starting to noticing that more people want dual SIM phones, particularly in non-US markets. The specs are somewhat like the Sony Xperia Tipo Dual, but it seems to be utilizing an ARM11 chip, which is slower compared to ARM Cortex A5. The 10.1cms WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen having a resolution of 800*480 pixels offers good picture clarity. The specs aren’t as good, but the display should actually look sharper since it has the same resolution, however with a much smaller screen, which boosts the pixel density, and makes the display look sharper.

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