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If you're looking for a cheap mobile phone or the best budget smartphone, you've come to the right place. My general advice for budget devices is to buy last year's flagship on the secondhand market. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
This is one of the best app to manage android contacts,  since it combines your photos with social networks that you are connected to.
Using these contact apps will make you communicate easily since they are the best contact apps in 2014. Related Posts2012 Wrap Up: Celebrity NudesStripped: The Ladies of Mad MenScarlett Johansson Nude Photos Leaked!
December is always a great time to look back on the year that was and the new year that is soon to come.
So while 2014 is knocking on the door, let’s look ahead and see what kind of new(ish) Web design trends we can look for and be inspired by come the new year.
A typography-lover myself, it’s great to see more designers experimenting with different types of type. Apple has for a long time been a trendsetter, and what Apple does, the rest of the world seems to follow. Large hero areas (the “intro” area, often an image with a little amount of text, at the top of a website – a borrowed term from print design) on website home pages are running rampant (for example, most of the sites featured in Line25’s “Sites of the Week” weekly posts) – and it is a trend we don’t see going away either in 2014. Now that responsive Web design is becoming more common place, we are starting to see websites dig deeper into our mobile lifestyles. Videos are becoming easier to produce, and easier to share not on your website, but on social media as well.
Plus, many video services such as YouTube allow you to track how many views it got, allowing you to better plan your content for your website. We’ve become comfortable with scrolling through a website to read and find information, and now with websites using more design techniques such as increased white space and responsive Web design, long scrolling sites are starting to appear again. Several years ago, it was common to have long scrolling sites that where slammed with content.
Some websites being launched now are using very little color, or even forgoing color all together.
We’ve kind of hit on this throughout this post, but while 2013 seemed to be the year of King Content, 2014 will keep the king humble and down to earth. Not many areas on websites these days (except blog posts) have more than about 250 characters.
This is more for blog or magazine-type sites, but many of these sites are experimenting with dropping the sidebar all together. Imagine this: you reading an article without things flashing, crowding, or otherwise buying for your attention.
While it is easy to just throw any old photo on your site, it is a little more difficult to manipulate  it into something different.
Expect to see many more things hit the Web in 2014, such as the use of HTML5 to animate different parts of a site.
Owner and Creative Director of January Creative in Nashville, Tennessee, Amber has been a self-employed graphic and web designer for over eight years, starting early in her collegiate career.

However, this is usually not the case as you may be using unreliable methods that fail you at the most important part of your conversation. It supports the major social networks such as twitter, facebook and linked in. This app is easy to use since you only tap once to add a contact. This time, the leaked photos are of Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Olivia Munn (Attack of the Show).
She’s appeared nude a number of times for magazines… but the naughty bits have always been concealed… until now! There are many exciting things that 2014 has in store for us who live, work, and produce the World Wide Web we love and cherish. Many of the trends that were spotted last year are still around today and will undoubtedly take off into 2014. They could have used any old serif font, but they picked a beautiful serif font that keeps it professional but with a side of personality.
Last year we said that more than likely, Apple was going to shake its Skeuomorphism, and boy did they ever. They are quickly taking over real estate on websites where sliders used to reside (until proven that they don’t work). Designers are increasingly working on keeping their sites functioning on mobile devices, but developers are taking it a step further to help along with the fact that so many more devices are accessing the Web, and so many more users are using their phones to browse the Web. Integration with social media, asking for email subscriptions, long scrolling sites (see below), and fast loading sites all help make the mobile Web a more friendlier place. Something else you will start seeing all over the Web (especially in hero areas) are videos. While some may argue that videos don’t belong on a website home page due to the large amount of data they take to load and run (especially on mobile devices and internet with data caps), videos are an effective way to communicate something technical or new when words just don’t cut it.
Well, now we are seeing long scrolling websites but the content is more organized and in a much easier format to digest.
That site has only one hue: blue (in design and art, white and black aren’t considered colors, but neutrals).
White, black, and everything in between are popular color schemes now, and adding just a hit of another color, such as red, adds drama and impact – all things that garnish attention when used in the right way. Over the years as a population, our attention spans have become shorter, so designers have compensated for that by putting content in short bursts instead of long narratives. Designers understand this and are working to make your reading experience more pleasant by getting rid of these distractions and expanding the content of the article to take over the page. In 2014, we will see more images that have things such as color overlays, blurred images, or even images that are reminiscent of Instagram images with filters. As the Web grows and becomes more involved, and as more things are developed, designers and Web developers are going to get their hands on them. For example, Tobi’s Story’s website (image above) is a great use of really cool things done in a great way. Amber has a unique passion for not only all things design, but all things business as well.
Imagine writing an important text message then the device you are using goes off and deletes everything you had written. The second tap allows you to call or email the selected number.Contacts are shown with their portrait photo so that you can toggle groups easily.

It also allows you to choose the calls that you want to answer and you can dial a number by long pressing the number on the keyboard.
Phonebook contact allows you to edit groups easily and you can view the calls that you made recently.
Both of them are stating that the pics of them scantily clad are definitely real, but deny that the nude photos are legitimate.
After all, that’s why they are called trends and not fads, as trends tend to stick around for a few years while fads are only hot for a very short time. Designers are starting to find different fonts to add to their arsenal that add a little personality and uniqueness to their designs. We expect to see many more websites in 2014 getting away from very simple and overused typefaces and finding some with personality. With the release of iOS7 came the design aesthetic most commonly known as “flat design.” While dropping drop shadows and gradients often seems like a good idea in some cases to give a more updated look to things, Apple took it to a whole other level by dropping pretty much any design element it could.
It doesn’t seem boring because the layout changes up throughout, and for most users, they don’t realize how far they are actually scrolling.
The use of a more simple color scheme seems to come with flat design (discussed above), but not always.
They’ve manipulated the image to give an antique and rustic feel to match with the rest of the site. Freelancing as a student gave Amber an opportunity to write a student freelancing book, appropriately named Students Freelancing 101: A Start to Finish Course to Becoming a Student Freelancing, to help other students who want to start freelancing. You do not have to go through this annoying experience since we have the best contact apps that are easy to use. Cara D & Michelle Rodriguez’s Makeout ToplessGeek BabesNew Emma Watson Bikini Pictures!
The site above uses blue predominately throughout the design, but it is the only color you see.
Although there are tons of users facing the same problem, Motorola wont take responsibility by their faulty project and warranty won't cover it.Wont fix it because 1. Thanks to design and build quality improvements, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a brick around with you. Manufacturers such as Huawei, Motorola, Asus and ZTE have really raised the bar in this regard. Online comments reveal that others have suffered similar problems so maybe mine is not an isolated problem and a fault with the phone which others had complained about.
Maybe updated models wouldn't have this flaw but shame as its ruined what I thought was an excellent and good value phone. Several of the smartphones in this list are equipped with HDR-enabled cameras, which could previously only be found on more expensive models.
Otherwise the budget you invested for the lots-of-benefits provided by MotoG turns to nothing.

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