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Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Siri is smarter, Apple Maps has been improved and the notifications drop-down menu is now sorted logically. Bright blue light can keep you up at night, studies have shown.Night Shift uses the time and geolocation to determine the sunset and the display returns to normal in the morning. It's a feature we've seen from third-party apps like f.lux on Mac, but a first directly from Apple.Interested? Sliding to the left-most menu reveals a robust list of "Siri Suggestions," filled with your most recent contacts and apps.It provides quick access to your four most recent contacts and four most recent apps. Sadly, you can't unpin and disallow certain apps from showing up before your parents see you're on Tinder.'Siri Suggestions' tries to rival Google Now Apple Maps gets some attention here, too.
In true Apple fashion, there's no customization or option to re-sort which shortcuts come first.iOS 9 concludes this Siri-run search menu with news snippets from sources like the New York Times and CNN.

Strangely, there are four headlines, but if you hit the rather stingy "Show More" text, it reveals a total of five.
A glitch to be solved in the future, perhaps?The news presentation here isn't as flashy as Samsung's Flipboard-based menu, which is also the leftmost Android menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. I randomly asked "Bring up photos from May 28, 2015" and Siri immediately opened the pictures I took at Google IO on that date.I still find Google Now to be more advanced overall, but this same phrase on an Android just leads to my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active opening up random web results.
This was always a problem when I accidentally put my finger on the Touch ID home button, forever sending all time-sorted lockscreen notifications into the app-sorted notifications menu. Now they all reside in the swipe-down-from-the-top menu once the phone is open.Apple re-stylized its Recent menu, which is the one you see when double pressing in the Home button. Now it's available in two spots, whether or not your phone is in a locked state.Finally, flipping through the default Photos app is less of a hazard, because there's a mini slideshow at the the bottom of the app. Namely, this comes through with long-overdue public transit directions.Routes for buses, trains, subways and even ferries are here, and I put it to the test on the New York City subway while navigating Manhattan. About 300 cities in China, including Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, are also getting the transit treatment.Does it fix everything?

The problem with Apple Maps wasn't just its lack of transit directions or too-often wrong routes, it was the fact that the app's design just couldn't compete with Google Maps. That's still the case.Unlike Google Maps, Apple Maps' annoying snap-back design is still here while en routeGoogle is busy adding ridiculously minute details, like chalking out your vacation dates to the map overtop of your hotel. I can go from Los Angeles to London on Google Maps while in the middle of turn-by-turn directions if I wanted to. With Apple Maps, I can't look ahead one block.While I appreciate its new Nearby feature that lets you discover stops along the way, Apple Maps' foundation is a little too flawed for me to give up on Google Maps just yet.
It doesn't matter if Siri insists on opening up Maps whenever I ask for direction by voice.

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