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1GB anytime internet plus 1GB quiet time internet plus unlimited BT Openzone WiFi per month. Our research has shown that PrePay mobile phone deals from mobile phone networks are the best way to have a mobile phone contract for those people who have previously suffered poor credit ratings. If you've poor credit history, then see our FAQs relating to bad credit mobile phone contacts to see if we can answer your questions. Vodafone Flexi Cap deals give you plenty of credit, freedom and 30 days to use it all on a credit friendly prepaid agreement. On Dodo’s cheap mobile cap plans you’ll receive a handset and free calls to other mobiles on the Optus network! Since then my spending habits have improved but I still have a bad credit report meaning its hard to get a mobile phone contract on an australian network. If you already have a mobile phone contract and wish to remain a postpay or contract customer, then you may be better staying with your current phone network. Like any financial transaction, mobile phone networks use a credit scoring system to determine what level of contract they can offer you and one that also best suits them.
If you’ve every suffered from a poor credit rating or have a history of bad debt, then prepaid is the best option for you. Most prepaid deals are bundled with free calls and text messages, some even have data included too!
Switching Plans: You can only switch to a higher value plan during the duration of the 24 month contract. All of the phones below are offered with free overnight shipping and some even have more free offers you can only get by using direct Straight Talk links here, rather than Walmart. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, ALL Power Straight Talk Cell Phones and Smartphones for the Best Nationwide Coverage You Can Get from any Prepaid, No Contract Cell Phone Service! Reviews also offer the specs for the best cell phones and smartphones offered in 2013 from Straight Talk.
Another popular in reviews prepaid smartphone by Straight Talk and powered by Verizon, is the LG Optimus Quest.
The LG Optimus Quest from Straight Talk is one of the best new prepaid smart cell phones that Straight Talk has offered in 2013. Reviews are not so new for the LG Optimus Zip (left), or the LG Optimus Black (below), both have incredibly held their value for over a year with Straight Talk and are incredibly smart buys on two of the best Straight Talk prepaid cell phones offered in 2012 and 2013. Another great Straight Talk phone and one of the best in 2013, is the Samsung Galaxy Centura, (below) the Samsung Galaxy Procalim, or the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.
Reviews came out in early 2013 for the Motorola Defy XT and they have had a steady stream of great reviews.

A service has been launched to help consumers navigate the minefield of mobile phone tariffs and deals. According to Mobilife, 70% of consumers pay too much for their mobile phone and could save by switching to another tariff or provider. Its research across 12,000 bills shows that the average consumer could save A?162 a year by switching. Consumers have to switch at the end of their existing mobile contract, typically 12 or 18 months, as heavy penalties can apply.
Mobilife can analyse a bill to work out the best deal based on actual call, text and internet usage. It claims to be the only comparison service that assesses the way individual consumers actually use their phone. The service is independent and updated daily to show all current promotions and best-buy deals. Brian Boroff, managing director at Mobilife, says: 'We aim to make this complex and confusing process far easier and more transparent. We've taken a look round the internet and summarised some of the best iPad deals being offered by major providers, to save you time and money. If you aren't instantly approved for a postpay mobile phone contract, PrePay or Capped may give you a better mobile phone deal. Most companies have tightened their belts following the global credit crisis meaning people are finding it more difficult to buy on credit, not just mobile phones! You’ll pay in advance of using your phone, topping it up as and when it runs out of credit or after an agreed time has elapsed. You should determine how you use your mobile phone and choose a prepaid mobile phone deal that best suits your usage. We at Best Phone Deals recognize this and know mobile phones mean many things to many people. Then check out our range of Free Mobile Phones bundled with mobile phone plans which give you the best bang for your buck with their extensive benefits and value add ons. Use of embedded URL's accessed via these sites, is separate and will count towards plan included data or excess usage as applicable.
The LG Optimus Ultimate is basically a twin to the most popular Straight Talk prepaid phone of 2013, the LG Optimus Showtime. Simply click on any photo or ad on this page and after you finish your Straight Talk purchase, contact us and tell us about the purchase.
All three are some of the best that you will not find at Walmart but, you will find the free shipping from Straight Talk and great reviews.

A great prepaid smartphone in it's class, the Samsung Galaxy Centura fills the needs of those who prefer simplicity and value. Mobile phone networks have, over the past few years, realised that not everyone has a perfect credit score and are now offering better prepaid options. That's why we have a wide range of Mobile Phone Deals that caters to the needs and requirements of every individual. These handsets are sold for personal use only and are not available in commercial quantities or for resale. These features are only available if the end user's handset is compatible with the services. The difference is the battery talk time and standby time in the LG Optimus Ultimate, is substantially improved. Check out reviews of one of Straight Talk's best new smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and see why America loves Samsung so much. You still, will not get our direct Straight Talk free shipping offer from Walmart, Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, on all of the best new prepaid smartphones of 2013 that Straight Talk has to offer! We feature some of the Best Mobile Phone Plans in Australia from Dodo which are bundled with mobile phones so you don't get burdened by paying separately.
Mobile handsets provided by Dodo Australia Pty Limited ACN 097 636 970 (Dodo) are not locked to any network. Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for Just $45 per Month, or $60 per Month, for Prepaid, No-Contract International Calls!
Whilst you may use any network's SIM card in phones purchased from Dodo, some specific network services may not function. Further, certain network functions may appear on the phone that are not compatible with your SIM Card for example, an Optus Zoo feature may be displayed. Use of the Facebook SMS alert service or any other social media alert service are not included as part of the service and will be charged separately. This will not affect your ability to use the features associated with the relevant SIM card.
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