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Welcome to where we publish reviews and comparisons of the best prepaid or no contract plans and phones to help consumers get the best bang for their buck. Regular contract plans include a cost component for the cost of the cell phone, resulting in higher outlays each month for users. Cell phone users can expect reliable, clear connections and high data speeds from these plans.
The MVNOs administer their differentiated cell phone service plans on the front-end using a lean and mean prepaid pricing model. Although this could make the deal look less attractive, most consumers are aware that they will be saving a lot more than the $350 difference in plan fees over time. For consumers without much of a preference on what cell phones to use, buying a prepaid phone directly from the phone plan company is an easier and cheaper approach than unlocking an existing phone. Once you have narrowed down the best plans that suit you, consider a few companies that will provide you with the type of plans that best matches your needs.
Some of the best no contract phone companies include TracFone, Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile.
Going with a stable brand name that has a large user-base may help to provide some stability in plans and pricing for the long term cell phone user. Please note that when you click the links on this site and make purchases, we will receive referral commissions in a majority of cases. When you hear the words "unlimited text, talk and data", do you automatically think, yea right, give me a break? Can I Really Save Up To Or Over $1,200.00 Annually Switching from Annual cell phone Billing to Pay As You Go, Prepaid Mobile From Net 10? The LG Optimus Net is Android powered, one of the best Android powered cell phones offered in the prepaid, pay as you go cell phones for 2012. The LG Optimus Q is Android powered and is also one of the best prepaid Android phones offered in 2012. Review Conclusion: Net 10 has some of the best Android powered cell phones in the prepaid, pay as you go, market available in 2012 and yes, you can save up to or even over, $1,200.00 in annual cell phone billing by switching to Net 10! These are the best in AT&T basic phones or non-smartphones that don't require a data plan today.
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There has been talk about a merger between wireless carrier T-Mobile and satellite TV provider Dish Network for years, but nothing really concrete has come out of it. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, apparently the two companies are in early stage talks for a possible merger. Suffice it to say that the T-Mobile-Dish Network deal would be considered a blockbuster merger.
Also, there are bound to be some changes, especially in terms of the organizational structure of both companies.

Because it is still in the early stage, the two companies still need to work out the details of the merger.
Unlike traditional cell phone plans, these plans will tether users to standard 2-year contracts. You can think of the higher monthly costs as covering the cost of phones over time and compensation for the risks the cell phone company takes on if a customer defaults. Users are free to switch their cell phone numbers from a current carrier to a no contract plan provider.
That means that users would purchase their plans or airtime upfront, rather than get a bill at the end of the month. These phones can purchased directly from a no contract phone provider at competitive prices, or users could add a no contract plan to an existing cell phone they own.
For users who do not need a top tier premium phone, or who just need a regular cell phone, a basic non-smartphone can often be gotten for $10 or even free at times. When you break the cost down, saving $50 a month in cell phone bills would result in $600 in savings in just 1 year. One is Republic Wireless, which offers a cheaper hybrid phone plan that will connect users through wireless wifi networks (where available) instead of regular cellular networks. More and more companies (MVNOs) are jumping into the no contract foray even as companies face stiff competition. Net 10 has an amazing choice from basic cell phones to again, some of the best new Android powered cell phones available in the prepaid market in 2012. The customer service at net 10 was not lacking in any aspect when we dealt with them over a seven day period. This represents the latest addition to the recent trend of communications companies combining forces. T-Mobile is one of the big four major wireless carriers in the United States (it is currently fighting for the third spot against Sprint), while Dish Network is the second biggest satellite TV provider.
The merged end result should see current Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen as the chairman of the new combined company, while current T-Mobile CEO John Legere would be named as the CEO.
For instance, significant details like the acquisition price, not to mention the amount of cash and quantity of stock, still need to be determined.
They are either pay as you go or month-to-month plans where users make ongoing periodic payments, as long as they still want to keep their service active. Being able to save thousands from switching to a no contract plan has prompted many to change to no contract plans.
The freedom to switch a number to another provider is mandated under the FTC’s wireless local number portability guidelines (more details). This approach not only keeps costs low for users, it also means there are no surprises with large inadvertent charges. A lot of consumers like this because there is no hard credit pull that could affect their credit scores, or worse, prevent them from getting approved for cell phone service.

A larger portion of the cost of owning a cell phone has more to do with the plan costs rather than the phone costs.
No contract phone companies have different selections of smartphones and basic or feature phones.
Over the years, they have proven themselves in offering value and clear connections to millions of users nationwide. The one issue we had with net 10 customer service was wait time for a supervisor for a question baseline customer support couldn't answer. If the merger pulls through, it would combine T-Mobile's 39 million subscribers with Dish Network's 13.8 million satellite TV subscribers as well as its 591,000 web customers. Of course, at this stage, it is still quite possible that the talks would falter, with both parties failing to reach an agreement. As a matter of fact, the satellite TV provider attempted to purchase Sprint back in 2013, but eventually lost to Softbank, which acquired the wireless carrier for $21.6 billion. Light phone users could get away with paying under $10 a month for full cell phone services, while heavy users could pay $50 a month for an unlimited use plan. Take a little time to compare amongst a few companies to pick the best plan for your needs. If you need to use your cell phone a lot, a high volume monthly or unlimited use plan would make more sense. You definitely want to choose a company that provides you suitable phones at the right price points.
Both these options have their pros and cons, but they offer another perspective to no contract cell phones plans. Are their any real pay as you go, prepaid cell phone providers who have truly "unlimited", text, talk and data and if so, what makes Net 10 any better than the rest? And let us not forget Charter Communications, which is currently working out a deal worth $66 billion in order to combine with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Before you sign up, read up on their background to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Because the merger is not finalized yet, no one knows for sure what direction the combined company will be taking if they do consolidate.
Straight Talk or Net10 seem to have the widest flexibility since they work with all 4 major network carriers.

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