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With an exterior forged from chrome, glass, mesh and rubber, the Motorola Quantico will keep up with you even in the harshest environments.
Laza Zcell Samsung Galaxy S5 5600mAh Extended Battery With NFC + Back Cover (Compatible with ALL Samsung Galaxy S5 Models. Zcell powered are accurately rated batteries so that means they have every drop of power they say they do. Zcell PoweredLaza brings you accurately rated batteries that feature high capacity, top quality and more charge cycles. Zcell BatteryThe Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery features a 5600mah Zcell Powered Battery manufactured and tested for accurate capacity.
Extended Back CoverWith a stylish finish, the extended back cover holds your Zcell battery without sacrificing the sleekness of your phone.
What’s Included 5600mah Zcell Powered batteryExtended back coverActual battery life will vary depending on your specific hardware and software configurations and network conditions.
Laza, Premium Wireless AccessoriesLaza is a leader in batteries, chargers, holsters and cases. Customer satisfaction is hard to come by when it comes to cell service, and the best companies clearly work at it. The latest Consumer Reports Customer Satisfaction Survey ranks AT&T dead last among the major cell-phone service providers.

Their website is fairly easy to navigate.  As with many service type providers, I do find their billing statements a bit confusing at times. Looking over the actual customer experiences as reported by Viewpoints Reviewers, all the top-ranked companies were generally able to execute. If you don’t have an unlimited plan with AT&T, though, and you get a lot of dropped calls, try Verizon.
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Designed to military specifications and able to withstand submersion in up to 3 feet of water, the Quantico features a 1.3 MP camera with camcorder, music player, and is Stereo Bluetooth capable. Zcell powered batteries are exclusive to Laza and lead the way in quality batteries and longer run times than other brands.
While other brands claim to have high capacity batteries, Zcell batteries are accurately rated.  The battery can be charged in the phone. There are no pervasive reports of ultra-long hold-times, though a few Verizon customers had trouble navigating the Web portal.
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This tough and rugged phone will keep you connected to friends and family, and is ready to withstand the elements wherever life takes you. The top performers, according to the Consumer Reports survey of more than 63,000 cell service subscribers were Consumer Cellular, U.S.
So far, I have accidentally dropped this from a mezzanine a couple of times and run it through the washing machine three times (accidentally) but the sound quality is still perfect. Another plus is the size, easily fits into Carhartt pockets and also works great on cases that fit on belts. I JUST WISH IT WAS A LITTLE BIT CHEAPER, BUT WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE DURABILITY OF IT, IT IS A DECENT VALUE.
They are trying to move people off the unlimited plan, and when I tried to add a newer functionality (the ability to use the iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, they tried to get me to give up the unlimited data plan.
If you need a phone to send calls and receive calls while being nearly indestructible, this phone is for you. The keypad is large enough that manly hands can manage, you don't need to use a pencil or screwdriver to press the buttons.

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