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On top of that, they have also upgraded their MaxisONE Share supplementary lines with a new DataPool feature.
To recap Maxis’ latest offering, their MaxisONE Plan now comes with up to 20GB of data per month. For greater control, the principal line can manage how much data quota each supplementary line gets from the Maxis App. Instead, principal subscribers of Postpaid 48 and above can register additional Digi postpaid lines underneath them. U Mobile has also extended its Hero Postpaid plan extra 8GB data offer until 31 December 2016.
Looking at the 4 telcos, only Maxis and U Mobile are offering supplementary postpaid plans that offer unlimited voice calls with data sharing. Depending on how much data and lines you need in a household, we’ve listed all possible options below for easy reference. Beyond the postpaid plan table, you would also need to take into account network coverage, customer service and additional value added services including roaming. With news of Straight Talk officially offering the iPhone 5 under its unlimited no-contract service for $45 a month, it’s hard to not be tempted by such a low monthly payment.
Well, the one thing that may prevent you from switching to a prepaid service like Straight Talk in the first place is the high price you’ll pay up front for high-end smartphones, like the iPhone 5. That’s no chump change and a lot of people may turn away from a prepaid iPhone because of that. To finally decide which company has the best iPhone 5 plan for you, it’s best to do your research.
Mark Frost is a HackCollege contributor completely obsessed with web design and content strategy. Young adult novels have a strange reputation in the world of academia as being books that are meant for kids, and not for us wise, old scholars. Ellucian Go takes the concept of a connected campus community and puts it into your mobile devices.
This app is useful for tracking your grades, scheduling events and keeping up to date with news around campus. T-Mobile doesn’t have the best service area but where it does have coverage its LTE is fast.

T-Mobile will even give you a $200 ASUS Router for a refundable deposit of $25 that will improve voice quality over Wifi but you can use it for Wifi around your home. Those 100 talk minutes can go quick and T-Mobile will charge you (a fair price) if you go over. Thanks for mentioning the t-mobile cellspot router, but it is definitely not available to the prepaid customer. During the announcement, John Legere said that the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot would be available to post paid customer for a $25 however both prepaid and postpaid had the option to buy it for $99. Anyways, I find it rather hard to find detailed information about this option on either T-Mobile or Walmart sites.
Amazon Discounts the Fire TV, Fire TV Gaming Edition, and Fire TV HD Antenna Bundle for a Limited TimeLG Unveils Under Glass Fingerprint Sensor Module Without ButtoniPhone 7 to Feature Slightly Higher Capacity Battery? After Celcom and Digi announced their latest offering, Maxis went out to boost their current MaxisONE Plans with even more data.
Similar to U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid Plus, DataPool lets you combine your overall data and you can share it across your supplementary accounts. To make sharing easier, Maxis DataPool lets you share data between principal and supplementary lines which is somewhat similar to U Mobile’s Hero Plus Postpaid.
Following Maxis’ latest upgrade, Digi has increased its Digi Postpaid 238 (More Internet) data quota from 20GB to 30GB.
The rest of the plan bundling remains unchanged and all you get is free calls and SMS between principal and supplementary lines. This covers 11 video platforms including iflix, YouTube, viu, HyppTV Everywhere, Youku and Tonton. We’ve said it before and we will say it again – what’s the point of having loads of data if you can’t use it at all? Because unlike the major carriers who subsidize the price your phone through a contract, you’re paying the full retail price for your phone.
The company buys access to the networks of actual mobile carriers while setting its own price for service. If you have friends who own the iPhone 5, ask who their carrier is and how they like the service. It’s a great resource to find out who has the worst service in your area (since most of the reviews are complaints about reception).

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below on the best unlimited plan for the iPhone 5, or give a shoutout to your carrier. A rigid class schedule and a limited resume can make finding even a part-time job difficult--lack of flexibility and little experience limits job prospects considerably. While it is sometimes fixed by the carrier’s willingness to let you make calls over Wifi, you will still find absolutely no coverage in many small towns in the US. Of course that may not be a dealbreaker for many, it could be a VERY expensive oversight in the instance you forgot your plan didn’t include that.
A pretty good deal if you consider that Amazon sells the exact same model (without the T-Mobile QOS feature) for about 200. I read reviews of them promising new towers and no one has gotten it even around the estimated date of them coming.
It took him years to make prices cheaper like sprint and tried to offer more 4g, but all this lazy shit he's been like compared to the others, and tmobile offers far far much more than these name lying myths.
For additional lines for sharing, each Share 50 Member line costs RM50 and that gives you unlimited calls and extra 3GB of data that’s shared with the principal line. Note that speeds on Video-Onz are capped at 1.5Mbps which is said to be enough for standard definition. The major carriers may be selling you a $200 iPhone, but as you’ll find out below, the price of service under a contract weighs heavily on your wallet over the course of two years compared to a prepaid service.
And the difference, well over $1000, is a large amount of money to a student or working-class person.
Simple, easy, affordable – the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan is available to both new and existing Sprint customers starting tomorrow, August 22.
Others, like myself, may be satisfied with 3G speeds, despite those being 5-10 times slower than 4G speeds in many areas. They may slowly tuck their precious iPhone away when you start inquiring about it, but you’ll probably be doing the same thing soon enough.

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