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For a lot of people that are dipping their toes into the prepaid cell phone market for the first time, Cricket is the first name that pops into mind in terms of telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service. There’s a good reason for this, since they were one of the first providers of this kind of service on the market and shaped the category as a whole. But Cricket is not a company that rests on its impressive pedigree, as they have been able to maintain their status as a major player in the pre-paid wireless game even after more prominent names jumped into the game. Their wide variety of monthly and daily calling plans, which is considered to be the broadest in the country. Since Cricket carries six unique unlimited plans in their arsenal, chances are great that you can find something that fits your needs. Like its monthly offerings, Cricket offers different tiers of service within their daily usage plans. Cricket users should be on the diligent side when they are using their phone outside of their home coverage area – the company’s roaming fee checks in at $.39 per minute.
Much like the plans that are offered, choice is king at Cricket when it comes to selecting a phone.

Cricket’s friendly and knowledgeable support team can be reached in several different ways, from telephone and e-mail to the live chat option that they have on their website. Cricket arguably has the most flexibility in comparison to other telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service.
The most basic plan offered checks in at $30 a month; however, this plan merely allows for unlimited local phone calls.
Dubbed PAYGo, these plans will only charge you a daily fee on the days that you use your phone.
However, the service does a good job of letting you know when you have traveled outside of the home coverage area and are in a potential roaming situation.
However, Cricket’s most extensive plan, which is priced at $60 a month, offers 200 minutes of roaming per month, and they offer consumers the chance to purchase additional roaming packages that can cut down the roaming rate to $.13 per month.
The company offers sixteen different phones from top manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia for those that use the monthly plan. Buy products such as (Email Delivery) T-Mobile $15 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Pass at.Shop NET10 Cell Phones.

The cost of the remaining five plans increase in $5 increments, and each pricing tier picks up an extra service along the way like unlimited text, domestic long distance calling, and texts to Mexico. The plans range from $1 to $3 per day, with the low-end plan offering just unlimited local phone calls and the high-end service enabling items like text messaging, unlimited domestic long distance, and unlimited mobile web usage.
Other features like Call Waiting, CallerID, and voicemail are available in the plans that are priced at $45 per month and up.
It should also be noted that in addition to the service plans, Cricket charges an additional $2 in monthly telecom taxes.

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