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I have been paying the bill in the portal for the last four months but still never they gave me any discount how to get it ???
Every month 6th they add new bill to the portal and bill will come home after 15 may be and DUE DATE IS 27 I think . I have paid online, the land line charge for my LL 0478 2816101 during the months from Oct.2012 to April 2013. 3- Then login with your created credentials and then you will have the option to register your Broadband or Mobile with providing it’s details like in case of Broadband(Landline No, Consumer No.
4- After Broadband registration, you can see your outstanding bills and make payment against that. Can i make online payment to BSNL anytime , what i meant is, Can i pay my bill after BSNL office hours (which is generally 10am to 5pm)? As we all know, our mobile operator has recently introduced BSNL Net Sharing facility for their 3G data mobile data users to share their data available with their BSNL Net Packs among group of mobile numbers. This is a facility allowed by BSNL to their prepaid customers to create a group with their friends and family numbers in maximum of five having one parent account (mobile number) to share the existing mobile data of main parent account to all with out any recharges for all their group members.
BSNL Data Sharing facility does not applicable for Unlimited Prepaid STVs between any member in the group, where this creation and modification of child accounts(friends and family numbers) upto 4 members can be done only by master account.
All BSNL prepaid mobile customers are allowed to share their data on subscription with the newly launched BSNL 3G net sharing packs of Rs.150 and above only to share the data between all (1+4) group members. If a group member already recharged with any available Regular BSNL Net Packs, then the added group account will comes into active after the expiry of their existing BSNL Data STVs only, where BSNL Group account for data sharing facility will have lowest priority than regular Data STVs which is in active. After exhausting the Group account balance, all the members of that group will start draining his main account balance for utilization of BSNL data. Child account (Group Member) will not have any access (permission) to view his BSNL shared data usage, where the main customer only can have the total control to do any kind of activities i.e. With all these above Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, now you may be cleared, how this New Live Data Share facility works from parent account an how BSNL 3G mobile users linked with main account to use their ultra speed wireless mobile data (internet) instantly through their mobile phone without any recharge to their group members for BSNL Net Sharing.
Profit making for a PSU is very tough task when compared to other players in the same sector.
With all these efforts, the same was recognized by Dalal Street journal and announced the best for BSNL. Recently BSNL also saves hundred of crore rupees (Rs.613 crores) due to energy conservation. Thanks for the Telecom Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad for his word and commitment, which he had given on the first day of taking charge to make BSNL drive towards positive growth which is yielding now and also for the New CMD of BSNL Shri Anupam Srivastava for dyanamic decisions as per day to day trends will moves BSNL in a positive side. With this various awards, it is once again proved that, An organization with a good boss with in no time timely decisions, systematic planning, improving areas of thrust, taking a calculated risks and over the top addressing all social commitments can turn around their employees and company in positive profit side.
BSNL Indore Broadband Plans allows the general tariff applicable to All India as of now except one special plan, but now, the pioneer brand launched one new BSNL broadband unlimited plan for Indore area internet users with applicability of unlimited free calling during night and day time(round the clock). The biggest and famous city in the state of Madhyapradesh is Indore and also called as commercial capital of the MP State, which was described by Economic times. The best telecom provides this new reasonable BSNL Indore broadband plans with high speed internet connectivity to watch any TV channels also without buffering through BSNL Internet services with the following lowest tariff, which in gives a strong competition for private operators of Indore Area. BSNL Indore Broadband Plans Special TariffSince One year BSNL offers the following special unlimited internet broadband plan for Indore area users without monthly rental charges applicable for entire Madhyapradesh telecom circle.
BSNL Indore Broadband plans user, For any queries on this new plan, can call BSNL Indore Broadband customer care, where this new special offer shall be available from 4th April 2016 to 23rd June 2016 for new subscription or existing customer migration.
Lodge your BSNL Complaints on Facebook or Twitter is the awesome news for all of us regarding broadband, landline, BSNL mobile complaints, and for not responding cases. As on today’s growing social activity day by day between netizens, BSNL launches new idea to interact with their customers through social media platform for receiving complaints, where this is going to be a big deal or major relief provided for BSNL customers.

Just like for remote areas rather than planning wire based BSNL is planning to go with wireless communication. In general if we want to raise a complaint, we have to write a letter or even you have to call a BSNL compliant toll free number with IVRS system.
As we all informed earlier about, because of Indian telecom brand BSNL, India is going to get a good rank in global coverage area index. We all know, BSNL is the only trusted PSU in this lightning speed data speed era which is going to be one of the best telecom service providers across the globe.
As we all know BSNL launched 3G Prepaid Data Sharing facility, Now for this, special BSNL Data Plans introduced to share the high speed mobile internet data available in each net pack between group of mobile users without any data recharges for all. BSNL Friends and Family plans are meant for Voice only as of now, but now the same concept is extended to 3G Data also. This new best idea of BSNL data sharing for mobile internet offers very satisfying benefits for all prepaid customers, which was unexpected. Some customers can also think about like this, Can this mobile data sharing plan and special BSNL data plans is a good deal or not? So mobile customer who requires to utilize BSNL mobile data sharing facility should not have to download any BSNL Sharing App, just login to BSNL mobile self care portal and recharge your required BSNL data plans, transfer(share) the data to your required mobile customer at any time. So, these were some of the BSNL websites for online bill payment, I hope you enjoyed this article. Also you can subscribe to Techdreams newsletter to receive daily articles into your mailbox for free. Last two months I am trying to pay my mobile bill on line but till now I coulld pay, help me.. Pl note before that I paid the bill online even now I can pay nthe land line bill online but not the Mobile ?
Kindly suggest me how to make online payment of post paid BSNL bill of Arunachal Pradesh State.
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BSNL has been connecting India from a very long time through it’s Landline Telephone services available all over the country.
Identify the Operating area: To identify the operating area of the associated Landline number, go to BSNL STD Code search, enter the STD code of the number (excluding 0 (zero)) and hit Search button. Now, visit BSNL Online Directory which provides online state-wise Telephone Directory for BSNL Telephone numbers.
Next, you’ll see the BSNL Directory Enquiry portal for that operating area, where you can search BSNL Landline numbers through Name, Telephone Number, Address, Organization, Profession etc. On the next page, enter the number without STD code in the telephone number field, enter the city (operating area) in the city field and click Search.
Subscribers are required to apply for directory, spy phone spy apps by bsnl mobile phone number portability, how to completion and recharge made easy steps. For New users and existing customers to utilize this facility, can have many queries in their mind. After that, the required 3G data recharge packs may be done depending upon their 3G usage and recharge option. If one subscriber is registered in more than one group, then the member which registered in first group will be valid, and latest will be considered.
There will be many obligations, subsidies, many other commitments which they have to fulfill as a mandatory commitments.

This can happen only because of their team and more over the support from the telecom ministry. So with recognition, BSNL receives the Best PSU Awards 2015 under the category of 'Highest Turnover PSU in Mini Ratna - Non Manufacturing' from Dr. For this BSNL the best PSU company received national level energy conservation awards in Eight by Power Ministry, along with 26 state awards by various state governments as an honor, as we are all already known about BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to best by 2017, now in this, this new awards will get more confidence for BSNL. So if BSNL is in positive growth, then our national economy growth will also reaches to the best.
Indore is also called as the best education hub for MP state having the best Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management campuses.
In this regard, to offer the taste of speed internet, BSNL now launched new 4Mbps speed broadband plan for entire BSNL Indore Secondary Switching Area.
So Internet users, Avail this new best priced BSNL Indore Broadband Plans to access unlimited internet connectivity at any time with unlimited BSNL free calling scheme during 24 hours of time. Yes, this is real, BSNL is on to Facebook and Twitter for receiving complaints and are directly monitored by top level team by assuring a very quick response. To make this happen, BSNL is trying to establish many ways to come near to the customer, to make them feel comfortable, PSU facilitates the customer to lodge BSNL Complaints on Facebook or Twitter against an issue, and this new facility is an endeavour to provide best telecom services to all customers.
BSNL is the company which is going play a big role in digitizing India as part of Digital India project and National Optical Fiber network and is going to bridge the facilities between rural and urban India.
Yes, One member can share his 3G Net pack with a group of a five family members, which is really a best option for mobile users to share their BSNL Data Plans of 3G Prepaid. This BSNL data sharing facility might be more and other family members will be sharing according to the need, finally bill payment for 3G data recharges is going to come down.
So, it’s the time to check about the BSNL data plans to find one of the best data plan to share 3G net packs, which fits to your budget at any time. For this, anyone who use this facility once, can strongly suggest to all BSNL prepaid mobile customers as, this is the best deal from BSNL for any mobile customer to share their 3G data allowance between friends and family Smartphone’s with simple steps as below.
BSNL recently introduced online bill payment service for paying your mobile, landline, WLL and broadband monthly bills. After successfully activating the account, enter your username and password to access the site services. Click on the BFone Bill Information &Online Payment link available in the welcome page to see your monthly bill details. Also, it is the first company which started Internet Connections in India over telephone lines. Under that Directory drop-down item, select SSA (if available) and click the link with the name of operating area there. Services, locate the countrywide telephone directory and bangalore yellow pages and mobile services, 2g 3g 4g updates and address! Free with free download sulekha app to track iphone, how to track the given to be mobile service which can i want to monitor text messages iphone. So here we are presenting some Frequently Asked Questions with clear clarifications on BSNL Net Sharing Facility. That means BSNL's financial revenue may be effected by many social obligations or initiatives from the government to serve the need. We have identified most of the BSNL regional websites for online bill payment and listed below. The main advantage of BSNL is that it is reachable in most of the rural areas also, where other telecom services struggle to serve. Locator, shareware download cell phone tracking cell phone then you track a clash of the dangers of any sim user id: bsnl broadband, app for iphone spy gsm tracking.

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