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2 February 2014 by Mark Heath The accountants seem to have been actively working in BT recently, with a number interesting, financially-motivated decisions taken. We have recently reported that BT is significantly increasing the installation costs and monthly rental costs for FTTP on Demand. Another significant area of costs for BT is associated with the installation by engineers of fibre broadband in residential and business premises, which has differed from the cheaper self-install process for conventional ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband services.
Since the second stage of this process can take some time, it is not surprising that BT has recently instigated a self-install option for FTTC fibre broadband where an engineer no longer needs to visit customers’ premises. At first sight, this new self-install option looks to provide a win-win situation for broadband users and BT. However, there is potentially a significant downside to the self-install option that broadband users need to be aware of. The difference in speeds achieved by using a faceplate filter at the BT master socket rather than microfilters will generally be much larger for fibre broadband than for ADSL and ADSL2+ services. We urge anyone considering or opting for a self-install fibre broadband service to install a faceplate filter.
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Cabling and filters can of course breakdown, and it's also not inconceivable that there has always been an underlying issue, and that the supply may have simply worked, unawares to you, to some extent. BT has launched BT Cloud, their new new cloud storage service offering access for residential BT Broadband subscribers to their “pictures, videos and other files” from smartphones and tablets. Apps for both iOS and for Android are currently nestling in their respective app stores, with the BT Cloud service being free for all BT Broadband customers. Mind you 2GB is a useful enough freebie, but it’s probably too frugal an offering to tempt us off other, more featured platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Some of BT’s residential broadband subscribers report that their connections have recently been assigned an IPv6 Internet address, which has caused a few to speculate that the ISP might soon be ready to begin full scale customer trials.
The curious situation began cropping up last week after a small number of BTInfinity (FTTC) subscribers started to notice that an Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) address was suddenly being assigned to their connections, as well as the usual IPv4, and a quick test appeared to confirm the development. In keeping with this Sky Broadband recently began the process of updating their routers in order to support IPv6 (here), with customer trials likely to ramp up over the coming months. During this window of time, a very small number of customers who are not BT employees may get an IPv6 as well IPv4 address. So if for a brief moment you notice that your BT broadband connection is suddenly IPv6 capable then enjoy the novelty while you can because it will probably vanish in the future.
Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet is likely to give the all clear for a ?2m funding request to be submitted to national body BDUK when it meets on July 24. The rollout of superfast broadband infrastructure across the UK will see speeds of more than 24 megabits per second to business and residential premises.
Superfast broadband is seen by the government as a key driver for enterprise and growth, offering significant benefit for business productivity through the development of new and more efficient business models.
The total costs of delivery are estimated to be ?200,000 so the council’s total contribution if successful would be ?2.2m.
The council will submit a bid for the balance of funding to the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, although a decision is not expected for several months. If the bid is unsuccessful, the council will either ask for the amount it is able to match fund or borrow the rest.
Councillor Charles Smith, cabinet member for Development, said: “This is a much better scheme than the one announced by the government in 2011.
These revolve around optimising BT’s services to better reflect the practical costs of installation of fibre-optic cables for FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) on Demand and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) equipment in residential and business premises.
Self installation will be cheaper for broadband users and they no longer will need to wait in for a visit from an engineer. Self installation relies on broadband users installing microfilters on every telephone socket, as with the installation of conventional ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband services. These are inexpensive and will generally deliver significant improvements in broadband speeds. Read our WiFi Optimisation Guide for advice on how to squeeze the highest speeds from your WiFi.

If the quality of service has been on the cusp perhaps due to poor cabling in the home, it can then take little to impact on the end supply to the computer. One can lose a connection for any number of reasons, not least because the importance of maintaining and optimising the system to sustain performance is not always appreciated. It’s sort of like the Internet equivalent of a phone number, which helps your hardware and software to communicate with remote servers. At present most of the big ISPs still have enough spare IPv4 address to keep them going for a few years, but those won’t last forever.
As such nobody would be surprised if BT followed suit, although the ISP has clarified that what some customers are reporting above is merely a temporary thing.
For some tests, we have to fully enable very small parts of the network for IPv6 for a limited period of time. They are not included in the trial and they should not notice any issues at all with their internet experience.
The council has already identified ?1.4m of this through a proactive approach to budget management from last financial year. For BT, there is a significant cost saving as the engineer will no longer need to visit customers’ premises to fit an Openreach modem and faceplate filter. However, installing microfilters filters can often result in much lower speeds than when a filtered faceplate is fitted. Given the low cost of a filtered faceplate, you will still save money compared with an installation by an engineer and should achieve the same speeds!
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