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Also if you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is in need of real estate help and info I would love to help them out with any questions they might have.
The event highlighted the 11th annual California Financial Literacy Month and this year’s theme “Financial Responsibility Today for Financial Stability Tomorrow,” and brought together state and federal agencies and financial literacy organizations. If you have any questions about partnering with DFI’s financial literacy program, please contact Alana Golden, Consumer Education and Outreach Program Manager, at (916) 323-7012. We're so proud of hundreds and hundreds of our purchasers passed the California Real Estate Exam through us.
I was using other materials to study with the night before I took the exam and I was struggling. ID # in order for us to send you the download link again after the confirmation of your payment.
Our CORE Exam provides only the essential 450 questions you need to know to pass the State Exam. I didn't start studying (more like cramming) for the test until the 3 days prior, which I would not recommend! I'm so Happy and the questions and answers provide here were pretty much similar to the test. I took your test over and over then this last week I just worked on the questions that I have missed in the last two weeks. There were several very similar questions and few resembling the ones provided by this Core Exam questions. I passed my RE salesperson license exam yesterday and was blown away by the similarity between the practice questions and the actual questions on the exam.

I did not pass the exam the first time after attending a weekend crash course that was not helpful at all. I paid $150 for some other real estate study video and failed the salesperson test 2 times. I was really starting to doubt myself and was very close to quiting using the packets that were provided really helped me..
Took the crash course for the second time along with the material provided from here and I passed! I studied these prep tests over and over for the past month in addition to the other materials I was given through the RE online courses I had already been enrolled in. To take the next step and arrange a private showing at your convenience, or to find out more about the homes that interest you, please contact me by email, phone or text- your choice! Not only did I pass my exam on the 1st attempt, but I finished an hour and 30 minutes early! I went through all of your questions twice and I really think that made all of the difference.
After having just a few weeks of studying I felt a level of confidence I hadn't felt with other exam course I had previously purchased. The questions on here were about 50% similar to the questions on the exam, but with the information on here, you can easily find the correct answer. All the other tests and exam preps were so confusing and had questions that weren't even on the test (once again I've taken the test 7 times so I would know)!
I knew going into the exam the first time that I wasn't ready, but I still went through with it!

This text is: Highly informative, packed with useful information to get you started with your new career and help you pass the State Exam.
If you're looking to pass on your 1st attempt or trying to figure out how to pass the exam, then this is the first and the last step for passing your California Real Estate Exam. The grammar is a bit awkward in spots, but can be looked past to get the general idea of the questions and answers. But after a long process of trial and error I finally passed i guess my lucky number was 7! I suggest to take the crash course and take in as much info as you can from there but when it comes to studying all you need are these 3 test!
Your material was very helpful along with some other study prep that gives long term retention. I received my eligibility letter in January and had been studying other materials up to a week or so before the exam. Our Course Specific Study Guide Designed to enhance your understanding and test your knowledge on key points throughout the text. Upon passing the Final Exam, a Certificate of Completion to file with the California Department of Real Estate. I was done about an hour before the test ended and I had time to review the questions a second time.

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