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The following is a fully copyrighted outline of truncated first paragraph lines of Cowmakera€™s Eve, a novel by C. I am using an unlocked SQN100-1 and a 3rd party pay as you go card with a migrated number from a previous contract. Originally Posted by m1k3_666 Should only change the caller ID you show to other users when you call them. You could show a universal forward number or a landline so people reach you for sure or pay lower rates, but that is off topic. CDR Call Summary shows all the data about any specific call, that is available from the Asterisk PBX. This reports is just like CDR Calls reports, but it also contains contacts (they were gathered from CDR caller ID). This reports is just like CDR Calls reports, but it also contains phone numbers(they were gathered from CDR caller ID, source or destination fields).

In BB OS 10 I am still missing that option and going through the forums I did not find a solution.
Does it just change the number visible to caller ID, or does it actually change your phone number?
Is there a button or are you just clicking on the text below the first title "phone number"? The data gathered from Asterisk CDR log files (Master.csv*) is processed and broken down into fields.
Here’s an example that shows some hours (hour field is filtered) by day of week, displayed in a column chart.
This example shows 4 distinct channels (channel field is filtered)  and their relation to top 5 trunks, displayed by a pie chart.
The example below shows top 5 channels (by count) organized by week days and displayed in stacked bar chart.

The example below shows top 5 trunks (by count), organized by the destination context and displayed in stacked column chart. On the example below you can see my own Asterisk reports for phone numbers, organized by a summary of call duration and count of calls, split by week days, and I’m only including incoming calls (direction field is filtered).
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