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The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre receives thousands of reports each year relating to the so-called CRA scam, in which fraudsters pretend to be the taxman. An increasing number of Canadians are getting a call from someone claiming to be the taxman, who clearly isn't.
And while many people will quickly realize that Canada Revenue Agency staff don't phone and threaten you with possible arrest, there are some people who may not pick up on the fact that a scam artist is on the other end of the line. Mecher said the CRA scam is considered an extortion fraud, as it involves the threat of something happening if someone doesn't pay. And the threats can be anything from a supposed arrest to something far more sinister a€” like a threat to blow up the home of a person who said they would call the police. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre gets thousands of complaints about this scam every year and is getting more all the time a€” and not just during tax season. Sometimes there is a live voice on the phone, other times a recorded message may be involved.

Robert Beneteau, a retired autoworker from Amherstburg, Ont., recently got two such calls in the same day. While Beneteau recognized the approach for what it was and reported it to police, he worries about anyone who may not come to that conclusion. Yet Mecher said it's not only retired people and seniors who are getting calls like this, suggesting they are not the only targets.
Mecher said that when police first started seeing the scam, it seemed that seniors, new Canadians and visible minorities were being targeted. Police are trying to keep the public from falling victim to these scams and public education is a big part of their prevention efforts. The real CRA has tips on its website that the public can consult to help avoid being scammed. Jarvis: 'An exceptional urban place'"It comes down to creating a destination," says Tecumseh's planning manager, Chad Jeffery.

Tall Tale: High school imposter Jonathan Nicola's deception in plain sightFor five months, as his chin whiskers were greying, Jonathan Nicola lived the life of a teenager. But there's that smaller group of vulnerable people in our society who unfortunately may fall prey to it," said RCMP Sgt.
It also has examples of the kinds of messages and approaches these scam artists have been using when targeting Canadians. Raj Goel is photographed at the Windsor Regional Hospital in Windsor Friday, August 26, 2011. The hospital is trying to get a surgery robot to reduce wait times and reduce post surgical complications associated with prostate cancer.

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