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MetroPCS offers Wireless for All -- unbeatable national rate plans for unlimited talk, text and web, with all-in pricing, additional taxes and regulatory fees included, no contracts, and no hidden surprises. Make unlimited local calls to any number, anytime, from anywhere within Metro PCS's nationwide talk and text coverage areas. This Coverage Map depiction applies to the Metro PCS Wireless Prepaid Calling Plans These Coverage maps depict predicted and approximate wireless coverage.
To ensure your security, you will be asked to enter and confirm the mobile number for which you want to buy airtime.
This validation process takes only a moment and will ensure that your personal information is safe and secure and that you are purchasing a compatible airtime refill for your phone. Kenya cell phone coverage mapHowever, cell phone users from America and Canada may have a problem because those countries adopted a different network system than (most of) the rest of the world. Verizon wireless has terminated its roaming coverage with the last CDMA provider (Iusacell) in Mexico.
If you are bringing your Verizon phone to Mexico this means that you will only get a signal along the border region (Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada) and in important cities. Your alternative is to go to a wi-fi hotspot at a restaurant or bar and use that for sending email, iMessages or using Skype (note that many free hotspots block some technologies such as MMS and occasionally Skype). Pick from the growing MetroPCS portfolio of affordable smartphones, messaging devices and feature phones, then add on the features you need -- GPS turn-by-turn navigation, music, social networking (Facebook) unlimited interactive directory assistance, international text messaging, unlimited calling to Mexico and select other destinations around the world. The coverage areas shown do not guarantee service availability, and may include locations with limited or no coverage.

All airtime refill PINs are delivered instantly on the confirmation page and again in a confirmation email . Click on "Validate My Phone Number" and we will immediately confirm that the mobile number entered is compatible with the airtime ordered. If any additional verification is needed, you will receive a phone call from a customer service agent within a few minutes of placing your order, If your order was placed during our normal business hours between 8am and 8pm EST. This is a particularly worrying development for travelers on the highways who count on having an emergency lifeline in case of trouble. This will allow you to call friends in the USA but they will have to call a Mexican number to reach you unless you can set up automatic call forwarding before you leave the States. Even within a coverage area, there are many factors, including customer’s equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather that may impact service. Your refill purchase details will be also recorded in your secure account order history page.
In the event of a validation error, please try again to carefully enter your mobile number. One in three adults in Kenya carry a mobile phone.While the northern part of the country has no network access, the southern part a€“ where most tourists stay a€“ has good network access. Some of the Coverage Areas include networks run by other carriers, the coverage depicted is based on their information and public sources, and we cannot ensure its accuracy. This goes especially for the wide areas around Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa, and as well for the whole coast region, the popular safari parks and the long road between Nairobi and Mombasa.

So while every mobile phone sold in Europe will work, only some North American tri-band or quad-band phones will work in Kenya. It is possible to rent a phone from your service provider.Be aware that calling in Kenya is usually very expensive. Depending on your service provider, youa€™ll easily pay 3-4 dollars a minute, both for foreign calls and for using your cell phone inside Kenya.
Also be aware that receiving phone calls is usually just as expensive as making a phone call, while receiving phone calls costs nothing at home! This is because most service providers have the policy that the people who call you from home, may not know that you are abroad, and therefore cannot be expected to pay international phone costs.One solution for big phone bills is getting a cheap SIM card after you arrive in Kenya, from one of the two major mobile providers, Safaricom or Celtel. At least in Europe, this is the rule with many subscription-based phones.However, I prefer the following. Text messages (SMS) are much, much cheaper with most service providers to send, and free to receive. I turn off my voice mail system, because listening to your voice mail messages is just as expensive as making phone calls. Then once a day I switch on my mobile phone for 5 minutes, get text messages if there are any and immediately switch it off again.

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