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Cell phone use while driving is banned in many states, including Washington, California and New York, unless they have a bluetooth device for calls. The study enlisted 384 students, who took an online survey, which involved questions about driving history, prior crashes while driving, and items which assessed risk behaviors and the person’s psychological profile.
Results of the two surveys combined showed that for each point increase on the CPOS, there was about a 1 percent increase in the number of previous car accidents. Adam Levine Talks Wife Behati Prinsloo And Baby Amid Miley Cyrus Feud On ‘The Voice’?
Justin Bieber Hangs With Batman At Dad’s Bash, Admits Love: Is It Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian? With many college students living on their own for the first time, some start drinking socially, and before you know it, they are alcoholics. Well, I am addicted too and so is everybody in college, with the never-ending Samsung vs Apple conflict being the subject of discussions. I do like to keep my phone around in case something urgent happens or someone wants to contact me , but without using it. People have become more addicted and wanna use the phone for no reason or just stare at the screen. I also confess when i had iphone i used to check it for no reason, but blackberry taught me that devices are to be used to get the job done not enslave urself with irrelevant interactions. Most of the time i spent working at office or doodling in my desk or making presentations with flash. During the time without my mobile phone, I really began to worry about how many different areas of my life were wrapped up into a small little device. Turn off pointless notifications. Do you really need to be alerted every time you get a new email or a new DrawSomething picture or a new word on Words with Friends? About This BlogOn this blog, Ryan Vet talks about leadership, social media marketing and business. Some students even admit that they become agitated when they don't see their handset in sight.

I knew I was addicted, but I began to wonder if cell phone addiction is okay (in moderation, of course) or if i needed to find the cure for cell phone addiction. Being addicted means there is a certain level on dependency on something, whether a substance, a person, or in this case a device. So many people use their mobile device as their clock that they totally avoid the need for wearing watch. We totally fall victim to classical conditioning with the vibrating or beeping of our cell phones. We live in a day where so much can be done literally by the palm of our hands and our little mobile devices. Whitehill, PhD, even anticipating a call or text can distract drivers and cause an accident. Nowadays you can do all of the phone functions from your computer and the games are much better. Scientists are saying that this is becoming an addiction, and an unhealthy and uncontrolled habit.
Turn off all pointless notifications so the only thing your phone buzzes or beeps for are text messages and phone calls. Unfortunately, when you pull out your phone to check the time, you may see a notification on Facebook because someone liked your status. As soon as we are aware that we have a notification we immediately reach in our pockets or purses and pull out our cell phone to see what the latest news is.
Yet, despite their convenience, they are really impeding on social relationships and are becoming extremely rude and obnoxious and most of all addicting.
The researcher behind the study notes that the excessive use of smartphones is leading to a downward spiral in academics. For example, based on the study, the use of Instagram and Pinterest are seen with those who say that they are addicted to their phones.According to researcher James Roberts, cellphones could be used to help students cheat, or help them escape the pressures of the classroom. One in four people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one in five check every ten.

Before you know it that notification turns into a full-on stalking of that friend you haven’t talked to since middle school. Whenever my phone is sitting on the table or beside me on the couch, I am so tempted to look at it just because it is there. Take these five easy steps to curing cell phone addiction and it won’t take long to notice that you actually can function without always being attached to your cell phone.
The number one activity that college students use their phones for is texting, at an average of 94.6 minutes a day. Roberts says that the device is a paradox in that it is freeing and enslaving at the same time. Despite the fact my computer was in full operation, I still felt completely disconnected and even anti-social without using my cell phone. Once I flip it over to look at it, I start getting paranoid and begin checking it more and more. Hand your phone to your friends or tell them to correct you every single time you reach for your phone over the course of a meal or an afternoon of hanging out. The University of Maryland, shows the growing reliance that the younger generation has on technology and how it has become central to their lives. People reported mental and physical symptoms of distress and “employed the rhetoric of addiction, dependency and depression,” when reporting their experiences of trying to go unplugged for a full day. I'm also the only one there with a classic flip phone, but they can't see it because it is in it's pouch. The research also suggested 15 per cent of children had more expensive handsets than their parents.

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