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If the first three numbers of the seven-digit phone number are any of the following, then the phone number will be changed from the 909 area code to the 951 area code on July 17, 2004. If your phone does not utilize one of the following prefixes, you can check with your carrier about changing your number.
People living in eastern Ontario who got new phones over the holidays, or are in the market for a new phone, may not get the traditional 613 area code. While the new 343 area code has existed in the region for years, it's now popping up on more on smartphone screens.

The CRTC first implemented the new code in 2010 to ease the growing demand for 613 numbers in Ottawa and eastern Ontario. Our technology contributor Ramona Pringle tells us why it's an experience so many other women can relate to and how to tackle Twitter trolls. It was only a matter of time, but the millennial generation has now surpassed baby boomers as the largest population group in the United States. Vali Shahheydari sees life as a series of ups and downs a€” watching his business burn down six months ago among the downs, and re-opening just a few blocks away among the ups.

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