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Uniting behind AT&T's "It Can Wait" slogan, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile will join 200 other organizations backing the multimillion dollar ad campaign, set to blanket TV and radio airwaves this summer. The campaign is unusual not just because it unites rivals, but because it represents companies warning against the dangers posed by their own products. The recently released study, by Cohen Childrena€™s Medical Center, discovered that 50 percent of students admit to texting while driving and more than 3,000 teens are killed every year in car crashes caused by texting, overtaking drunk driving a€“which kills 2,700 every yeara€“ as the biggest cause of teen deaths in the U.S. Beyond TV and radio ads, the new campaign will stretch into the skies through displays on Goodyear's three blimps. Stephenson said that "texting while driving is a deadly habit that makes you 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash." The figure refers to a 2009 government study of bus and truck drivers. They say the number of accidents is in a long-term decline, and the explosion of texting and smartphone use doesn't seem to be reversing that trend. In the 2009 government study, texting, emailing and surfing on the cellphone was a factor in about 1 percent of crashes, well below epidemic levels. James Sayer, a research scientist at the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute, has suggested that the debate over driver distraction "needs to address far more than cellphones.
Nonetheless, the cellphone industry and the federal government have focused their attention on cellphones.
The government's Distraction.gov site singles out cellphones as the greatest danger among all sources of driver distraction. That figure is based on a misunderstanding of the department's statistics, which showed that 3,092 people were killed in crashes involving distractions of all kinds, including eating, drinking, fiddling with the car stereo and talking to passengers. That figure could be an undercount, though, as it's hard for police to figure out after a crash if a cellphone was involved. In campaigning against the use of their products, cellphone companies are in the company of liquor makers, which include discrete reminders not to drink and drive in their advertising.
The four-way industry collaboration around the "It Can Wait" campaign will last until September, Stephenson said, but it could continue if the partners agree. When it comes to deciding on a cell phone company to use, many factors must be considered such as plans, coverage, fees, customer service…etc.  In a recent survey, the following companies made the top of the list, also included are the reasons why. If you are that shy,you may say that you would really like to help them,just that you can't do it in these times because you are busy with your life in that you can barely do your studies and have a time with the family,otherwise you are actually in need of some help, say to your friend if he can help you that would be better. Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Nike, Apple, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Louis Vitton, to name just a few don't use their full name and the whole world recognizes their brands.
Also, you say the most important and recognized brands of "anything" just don't use their names on their logos, but eight out of eleven examples you give are car companies. All due respect to Honda, Toyota, Nike and Volkswagen, but they don't exactly scream "status" either.
Samsung needs to do a lot more than change their logo to be considered the BMW of electronics, or be considered a "status symbol." It would require them to shift their entire business model. You're right on that part but at least most people associate them with quality and in the third world countries I know that at least Nike items are a status symbol trust me on that one I've seen it. Also, McDonald's, CocaCola, Tropicana, Hershey's, Dean's and many more also use their name in their logo.
I also think Samsung dropped the stars from its logo because the way its logo is now, if it had the stars, it would look a lot like Subaru's logo. Some people pronounce "Some-song" and some people pronounce "Sam-song", I've never heard of people complaining that the name is too long.

Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen, and many countless brands have long name, but not long and uninspiring logo like Samsung. I dont think samsung uses that blue logo too much now, haven't seen it in any of their recent phones or Tvs.
They're not talking about the logo on the device itself, but what's on the retail packaging. A cellular telephone site is where antennas and electronic communications equipment are placed, usually on a radio mast, tower, building or other high place, to create a cell in a cellular network.
Many times a cell site is incorrectly called a “cell towera€?, even if the cell site antennas are mounted on a building, or other tall structures rather than a tower. In practice, cell sites are grouped in high population areas that would have the most potential users. The maximum range of a mast (where it is not limited by interference with other masts nearby) depends on the same circumstances.
As a basic guide, based on how tall the mast is and how flat terrain is, it is possible to send a signal 30 – 45 miles. A cell phone towers can be a tower or it can be inconspicuous and blend in with the surrounding area.
For additional information in reference to telephone cell towers contact RP Companies at 602-252-1635. Mobile spy mobistealth iphone, chatting with mobile cell phone malware and computers review top mobile apps for a feature rich and tablets and cell phone spy app.
After initially fighting laws against cellphone use while driving, carriers have begun to embrace the language of the federal government's campaign against the risky practice. It will also include store displays, community events, social media outreach and a national tour of a driving simulator. It isn't based on crashes alone, but on the likelihood the drivers showed risky behavior such as lane drifting or sharp braking, sometimes culminating in a crash.
But so far it doesn't appear to be adding to the overall crash problem," says Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, which is funded by the insurance industry.
Only addressing the 'new' forms of distraction will have limited impact in terms of total lives saved." Sayer made the remarks in a presentation to the National Transportation Safety Board. The number of deaths in 2010 that the Department of Transportation attributes to cellphone use was 408, or 1.2 percent of the total traffic death toll.
However, drunk driving remains a far bigger killer than cellphone use, accounting for 10,228 traffic deaths in 2010, or 31 percent of the total.
Until 2011 Verizon was the only cell phone company to upgrade its cell towers to 4G, however with the overwhelming popularity of the I-Phone 4, AT&T has started upgrading process to better support its customers and cell phones. They are also the first comapny to introduce a cell phone with the ability of being hooked up to your laptop as a mobil wifi hotspot. Brand awareness is definitely near the top of the list a€“ make the name of your business or product stick in people's minds and get ready for an early retirement. The repeaters keeps moving the signal from tower to tower until it reaches the destination cell phone.
In fact, a large majority of cell sites worldwide are located on structures other than towers. Cell phone traffic through a single site is limited by the base station’s capacity as there is a limited number of calls or data traffic that a base station can handle at once.

Some technologies, such as GSM, normally have a fixed maximum range of 22A miles, which is imposed by technical limitations. When the terrain is hilly, the maximum distance can vary from as little as 3 – 5 miles due to encroachment of intermediate objects into the wide center fresnel zone of the signal.
It uses several protocols in second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) wireless communications.
These installations are generally referred to as concealed cell sites or stealth cell sites, where cell towers are often hidden.
The institute's analysis is based in part on comparing accident rates before and after states enact bans on hand-held cellphone use while driving.
I bet Samsung would love that it's name would have world recognition and status that Apple does but with that ugly long name is not happening.
For the caller to complete the cell phone call it is necessary to have a new type of telephone pole called a cell phone tower (or cell phone antenna) placed at proper intervals along our highways, byways, cities and towns.
CDMA and IDEN have no built-in limit, but the limiting factor is the ability of a low-powered personal cell phone to transmit back to the mast.
Depending on terrain and other circumstances, a GSM Tower can replace between 2 and 50 miles of cabling for fixed wireless networks. CDMA is a form of multiplexing which allows numerous signals to occupy a single transmission channel optimizing the use of available frequencies. Some cell sites are camouflage as palm trees, ponderosa pine trees, cactus, large crosses at a church and on buildings and light poles. From tower construction to radio installation and maintenance, RP Companies maintains the crews and equipment to meet your service and construction needs.
Most states ban cellphone use at least for some drivers; 39 states and the District of Columbia ban text messaging for all drivers. Speaking of which, do you know what the older logos of major tech companies and cellular carriers looked like? I remember that around couple years ago that the logo would be redesigned and nothing is changed. Hell even Microsoft which is one of the richest companies ever its logo is not something that someone wants on a hat or shirt I believe, I mean I'm talking about status not just recognition. The number of towers required is directly proportional to the total human population in the area.
In suburban areas, masts are commonly spaced 1a€“2 miles apart and in dense urban areas, masts may be as close as A?-A? mile apart. With spyengage spy software for it is used many of any cell phone location, text messages and employers to spy software there are very likely scammers. The truth is that the most important and recognized brands of anything just don't use their names on their logos.
Depending on an operator’s technology, even a site hosting just a single mobile operator may house multiple base stations, each to serve a different air interface technology.

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