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You may not enter more than 1,000 characters for 'Change the sign text to read however you like, if necessary. Wireless Carriers in Major US CitiesClick on your city below to find companies providing cellular phone services in your area. Cell Phones in Honolulu HawaiiThe very best cellular phone calling plans and deals in Honolulu, Hawaii .
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I have an application where people can give a phone number and it will send SMS texts to the phone number through EMail-SMS gateways.
In their basic forms such APIs will expect a phone number in international format (example, +15121234567) and will return back their IMSI, which includes their MCC (gives you the country) and MNC (gives you the phone's carrier). For some reason I don't get the "Current Phone Company" when I just use the tnid.us site directly, though, only the Original. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged web-services sms phone or ask your own question. In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language?

Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper? Why does using elimination in a system of first order differential equations produce an incorrect result?
Acrylic Display Countertop Cell Phone Holder, View acrylic display, acrylic from Shenzhen Lucky Industrial Company Ltd.
Clear acrylic cell phone holder designed to accommodate almost any size phone, great for iPhones, smartphones, etc.
Claesson Koivisto Rune's newest work for Huawei is geared toward people tired of all the function overload, but still interested in high design.
The phone was designed by the superstar Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune (CKR), and it represents the first time Huawei, the largest telecom equipment manufacturer in China, has collaborated with a full-blown design studio. All of that couples with a sizable OLED display and big buttons that even our tech-phobic granny could punch with her arthritic mits. No Cell Phone Usage nameplate includes color choices for both the sign plate and the frame - at no additional charge.
For this to work however, I need the phone company of the given number so that I send the email to the proper SMS gateway.

We place it somewhere between a cordless and a flip phone or, if you want to maintain the nature analogy here, a clamshell and a banana slug (but a stylin' one!). The whole thing seemed gimmicky — an exploitation of one design trend (biomimicry) to ride on the coattails of another (minimal phones). Is there a database or some sort of web service I can use to get that information for a given cell phone number? The curve is also easier to grip and pick up than the flat, hard-edged surface that you see on most smartphones nowadays. Unlike other stripped-down phones we've stumbled across recently, the Folded Leaf includes things like a USB port, texting capability, and a camera (indicated with a fun eyeball graphic). Here, Huawei gets the best of both worlds: Simple design and not-too-too-simple technology.

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