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This mutual agreement sets the rules for acceptable behavior during cell phone conversations.
Please provide your email address if you would like to learn more about a cell phone contract for teens. There is so much responsibility that comes with having that one little piece of technology. She doesn’t have Facebook or Instragram yet and I am guessing that we will be adding more rules when that time comes.
This summer, I'm presenting at the 12th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida. Painting With BrainsApril 21, 2012 at 6:35 AMI also have cell phone use issues in my classrooms.

This is an exemplar I having been using for while; image from here Teaching about Optical Illusions is so much fun. During the next school year my school district will be unrolling the Common Core Standards. In the past, this activity was limited to the home where parents could monitor the frequency and length of calls.
Privileges and consequences are clearly written so teenagers know what their parents expect. Talking to your child when they are texting, or watching your child tap away on their keyboard when they should be doing homework is frustrating. Today, a large number of teenagers have cell phones, which offers more mobility than talking to friends in their bedroom.

Maybe we could organize a bloggy meet-up?I'm really excited because I'm going to be presenting some research, tips, methods, and usage about mobile phones in the classroom. Use this cell phone agreement to set the rules of whata€™s appropriate behavior and whata€™s not.
With a cell phone contract for teens, parents can continue to monitor behavior and give teens some privacy at the same time.
If the behaviors are not met, then the consequences or punishment is predetermined and agreed upon by both parent and child.

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