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These firms don't want to enter into agreements with people who have a habit of paying their bills late. Soft inquiries are inquiries that are not tied to applications for credit or other types of services. Banks sometimes use soft pulls to gather basic information about consumers before mailing out pre-approval letters to prospective credit card users. These inquiries don't show up on your report and you may not even realize that anyone checked your credit. If you apply for a loan, credit card or request a new service such as a cellphone or satellite TV then the provider may choose to check your credit. Simply put, the more financial obligations you have the more likely you are to run out of cash.

If you shop around for the best cellphone plan, several firms may check your credit report.
Generally, inquiries within the space of a few weeks from one type of service provider will only show up as one hard inquiry on your report. The damage is usually short lived and your score should recover within a few months if you pay your bill on time. In contrast, neither your cellphone plan nor your payment history show up on your credit report.
Although a service plan is a financial obligation, it's not credit related since the cellphone company isn't lending you any money. When you fall behind on your payments, service providers become creditors because they've provided you with a service that has some financial value and you've failed to pay off that debt. As with other types of bad debts, a past due cellphone account can remain on your credit report for up to seven years. Needless to say, past due debts have a much more damaging effect on your score than hard inquiries.

He has 12 years experience working for financial services companies as a business banker, lender and investment representative and spent four years working in human resources. Steps to Take After Your Credit Card Is Stolen More How to Claim Money Back From a Credit Card What Can Happen to Your Credit If You Have a Late Fee on a Credit Card? Three Recommendations for Credit Card Usage How to Improve Your Chance of Getting a Credit Card Credit Card vs. Debit Card Protection for Internet Orders How to Challenge Credit Card Charges Credit Card Terms Explained Related Articles Does Auto Insurance Cover Me When I First Buy a New Car?

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