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Of those surveyed, 75% said their phone is never more than 5 feet from them at any given time.
Let’s be honest, “Nomophobia” or the fear of “no mobile phone” affects more than just teens.
It is important for us as parents to remember that what may seem over the top to us may be perfectly within reason to the next generation. Remind them that no matter what is considered “normal,” there are times when using your phone is not okay – texting and driving for example. Motorola Shules is a Google Android powered smartphone set to be released on the Verizon networks. Korean Fashion OnlineA blog about the latest Korean fashion trends, celebrities' fashion, street fashion, Korean shoes, Korean bags, accessories, fashion tips and more. September 5, 2006 by KimBap Pretty Korean fashion cell phone charm straps accessories for dressing up your mobile phone.

Receive our latest posts and curated finds that are trendy, cute, fun, gorgeous, quirky and just plain exciting! Things that we didn’t know existed 10 years ago are now a fundamental part of our daily lives. This is the generation that really doesn’t remember a time before cell phones much the way my generation can’t imagine life without cable TV. Anyone would – or should – feel uncomfortable if their phone is lost, as we have so much personal information stored on our devices.
And as Hyman points out, a little more consideration for others when using a phone would be nice too.
After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances and researches on subjects from family and education to pop culture and trends in technology.
At an age when peer acceptance is at a premium, failure to respond to a text or phone call in the middle of the night can be a very big deal.

But if being unable to check your phone for short periods of time leaves you feeling nervous or uneasy and leaves you unable to focus on the task at hand, there may be cause for concern.
It goes against his personality and his nature as a therapist – “What if someone really needs me?” If your teen sees her phone as the priority at all times – regardless of circumstances – or her preoccupation with her phone keeps her from engaging with people or situations, it may be time for a conversation about boundaries.
If your teen isn’t getting enough sleep or her grades are being affected, again, it’s time for a conversation. We’ve all been stuck near someone having a carefree conversation, oblivious to the fact the rest of us don’t want to hear about their bunion surgery, children’s potty training mishaps, or TPS reports.
Teaching our kids responsible cell phone use is part of teaching them self-care – it’s common sense parenting.

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