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For $6.98 a month you get 20 minutes and 20 texts (zero data, but the phones support wifi so that could be a non-issue). Unlimited Social Monthly: $15 per month (unlimited Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for a month without it counting towards your data plan). Prepaid service allows users to pay only for what they use, and do not lock them into a monthly commitment. It is perfect for people who don’t talk or text much, but who could benefit from having a cell phone. Angry elderly man on cell phone calls for roadside assistance for car malfunction or breakdown emergency. There are 5 quick call numbers on clearly printed buttons, hang up, dial, and power buttons.
Virgin Mobile devices also come with great features like parental controls, which means that we are able to ensure our children use devices appropriately.

Yes, my son would love more data but for the most part we get more than what we need for my 2 sons and me for $72 a month. After all, many of the devices that have come out in recent years were non-existent sixty years ago. This dual band phone does not have any LCD screen but it sports a built-in vibrating function that will come handy in church or at the library. As a result, many of these devices have captured the attention of many senior citizens, prompting them to become tech savvy consumers, as per a report from Senior House News:Many seniors in the “transitional generation”—a hybrid of the silent generation and early boomers—still lead active lifestyles, continue to work past the age of 65, and believe technology has “greatly changed” the way they spend most of their time, according to Varsity, a mature market strategic marketing communications agency that has spent time living among residents of a Boulder, Colo. Talk time is rated at 2 hours per full battery charge, and there are 40 tones polyphonic ringing to alert you of an incoming call. My other son only uses phone occasionally when he calls grandparents out of state or is home alone. Both age groups are open to the idea of becoming even more tech savvy, according to Varsity.Multiple studies have shown that communication is very important for senior citizens as it allows them to maintain the relationships they cherish the most and stave off depression.

This nugget of information is important because many senior citizens live in areas that are quite far from their children and grandchildren. To be very fair, I should have contacted the support people with my concern but I didn’t.
In an effort to close the distance between families and their elderly loved ones, cell phone manufacturers such as Snapfon® have begun to offer reliable senior citizen cell phone plans.Although you may be tempted to purchase a brand new smartphone with all the latest apps, surveys have shown that senior citizens prefer mobile phones that are simple and easy to use.
After all, these senior citizens are looking to use these cell phones as a phone and not gaming systems or cameras.

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