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The LG Optimus 2X is coming to Straight Talk and right now they offer the LG Optimus Q, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and probably the best Smart Phone offered at least by Straight Talk is the Nokia E71, the Nokia E5 and though the Nokia E71 has been around for awhile, it is still top rated in Smart Phones and with good reason, the features and durability are amazing. The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is the most popular Android for Straight Talk but the LG Optimus 2X is already drawing great reviews for those using similar phones on other networks. Straight Talk and Net 10 are very similar with the largest difference between the two being the difference in cost of their month to month,  prepaid, pay as you go, unlimited bundle for unlimited text, talk and data.
I still believe that compared to the best annual plans for 2012, prepaid Android powered phones and smart phones, are a far better deal when they are purchased through the no annual plan or contract, prepaid or pay as you go carriers like Net 10 and Straight Talk. TracFone Wireless owned prepaid operator Simple Mobile, which operates on T-Mobile network, is running a great deal for its existing and new customers. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid brands, have improved their prepaid phone offerings.
Sprint’s prepaid brand Virgin Mobile has announced a new Data Free Music feature that provides unlimited music streaming for free. TracFone subsidiary Straight Talk Wireless has added another entry level Android smartphone to its prepaid lineup, Huawei Magna. Straight Talk Huawei Raven LTE definitely changes the perceptions that, especially US customers, have about smartphones that are coming from Huawei.
Straight Talk has continued the trend of adding new smartphones to it prepaid lineup set last month, with the release of a new smartphone, Huawei Raven LTE.
TracFone-owned Straight Talk that operates on all four major networks has improved its prepaid phone lineup with another four smartphones. Consumer Cellular, the number one rated prepaid provider for AARP members, has added two new Huawei smartphones to its prepaid lineup, the Ascend Mate 2 and the Vision 2. Here are a few other types of relatively basic and inexpensive phones - the kind you don't worry about dropping.
Straight Talk has added the Loyalty Rewards Program to its prepaid offerings for customers who stay long enough with their service. TracFone’s prepaid brand, Straight Talk Wireless has added the Samsung Galaxy E5, another mid-range Android smartphone to its prepaid lineup.
TracFone’s subsidiary Straight Talk has discounted costs of its 3, 6 and 12 months plans again during this holiday season. ORIGINAL: TracFone subsidiary Straight Talk is running a holiday promotion currently in which it offers different discounts on its prepaid service plans. As the Black Friday 2015 approaching, just a few days away now, battle to win the new customers between prepaid mobile operators is intensifying.

Straight Talk is $45 per month where as Net 10 is $50 for the same unlimited bundle per month. Simple Mobile Holiday Promotion gives a FREE $60 Truly Unlimited promotional plan for customers who buy a new phone.
While Boost Mobile adds HTC Desire 626s, Virgin Mobile makes already available phones, HTC Desire 626s, Moto G third generation and Huawei Union available at Walmart with Data Done Right plans. Boost’s sister company Virgin Mobile is selling the same phone at Best Buy for few days now and plans to add it on its website on October 13, 2015. Virgin Mobile Data Free Music will be added to the $35, $45, and $55 unlimited plans starting Friday, October 9, 2015. On this phone, users can experience many improvements made by manufacturer, comparing to their previous handsets.
Unlike smartphones that carrier has added previously this month that were mostly 3G capable, this time Straight Talk adds phablet ZTE Lever, Huawei Pronto and Alcatel One Touch Pop Star 2 which are all LTE capable and the 4G-enabled LG Destiny. The Mate 2 is a phablet featuring a 6.1-inch display while the Vision 2 is a smartphone with a regular screen size, 4-inch and Easy Mode, perfect for first-time smartphone owners.
The H210C is a basic Blackberry style phone that’s not currently listed on the Straight Talk website but can be purchased at select Walmart stores.
Straight Talk Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Eclipse is available at the moment only at Walmart stores for $19.88, but we can expect it soon to be added to carrier’s website too. The carrier has added a $55 monthly plan that includes 10GB of high speed data in addition to unlimited talk and unlimited text.
During promotion, customers will receive a $5 discount on their monthly cost for the first three months when they enroll in auto pay. Prepaid mobile operators have recognized this trend, and in 2015 introduced a number of great prepaid phablets. Just like few weeks ago, for a limited time, the 3-month unlimited plan costs $120, the 6-month unlimited plan is $230 and a year plan can be purchased for $440. For a limited time and possibly today, December 1st, only, Straight Talk discounts plans that offer service for 3, 6 and 12 months.
Following the trend of releasing a new smartphone almost each week these past few months, Straight Talk Wireless, TracFone’s subsidiary, has added a new smartphone to its prepaid lineup. It turns words into text and commands the smart phone to basically do pretty much whatever you want it to. There are 3 smartphones available for this promo, ZTE Whirl 2, Huawei Magna and ZTE Unico LTE.

On its website, these three phones can be paired with recently improved Virgin’s unlimited plans. Unlimited music streaming won’t count against plan’s high speed data allotment and there will be no data charges. Most important is that the phone is working just fine, the interface is extremely responsive and without lagging. Currently, it’s available only at select Walmart stores while online is listed as out of stock. Consumer Cellular Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is available for $250, or $100 down followed by $25 monthly installment for six months. A few additional features such as an MP3 player and the ability to download an play Java game may be a plus or a minus depending on your point of view. Straight Talk Loyalty Rewards Program doesn’t require customers to do any special actions in order to earn points but regular, every day ones, as refilling different plans, signing up to auto pay, staying with their service for six month, a year and so on.
However, this time discounts on these plans are greater than last time since their costs are now higher. The $5 auto refill discount on $45 and $60 unlimited plans is still available (until January 19, 2016). The 3-month unlimited plan is $10 off so the service will cost you $120 instead of regular $130.
Straight Talk Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Charm LTE is available now for $49.99 at carrier’s website.
Straight Talk’s advantage is that it operates on all four major networks, Verizon’s, AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s and it supports BYOD so many might find this plan option appealing. Straight Talk increases costs of 3, 6 and 12 months plans to $135, $270 and $540, respectively.
The 6-month unlimited plan is $25 off so the service is available for $230 instead of regular $255. Also, Straight Talk made sure that Raven LTE, with a price tag of $179.99 and its unlimited plans is even more desirable. The year plan that normally costs $495 can be purchased now for $440, which saves users $55 per year.

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