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All prices and numbers are accurate as of posting for ON NETWORK usage for the provider listed. After spending hours creating this cell phone plan price comparison, my suggestion for the best plan is Boost Mobile IF you are not a heavy data user. I know these look small here, but if you click each image below, the cell phone plan price comparison document will open up larger to look at and can be printed from there as well. Anyway, we'll probably see a trend of minutes increasing while costs decrease while data plans continue to go up. The thing I don't like about this chart is if you don't look past the first comparison, you don't realize that sprint's any mobile minutes make it a hell of a plan, especially for a family. Something is screwed up with the TMUS no contract prices: for each section, the second from the bottom is the same price contract and no contract. You can but they have locked down most of the phones to where you can't force roam anymore. I like Tmobile and the data plan (43.00 a month) but the signal penetration is not so great in some areas. Well that and GPS, Sprint TV, NFL Network, and able to talk to any mobile phone on any network free. You know a little bit about plasma TVs and their pricing but nothing about this particular TV at this particular store.
You would send a text message to 123411 with the name of the product and the service would message you back with a list of products that match that name. It isn't clear from the company's website which retailers the service searches or whether or not in-stores sales are included along with Internet prices. This new service is currently only available in Canada but the company says that they are planning to offer PriceByText in the USA later this year.
While you can be sure that the service isn't perfect and that there is no possible way every product at every retailer could be found via the service, it does seem like an interesting use of technology. Call me a luddite, but I can't see how these kinds of elaborate tech developments are all that helpful.

I personally found this tool helpful, I did a search for a camera and 3 different options were presented to me. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage. Disclaimer: Comments and entries represent the viewpoints of the individual and no one else.
Check out our picks for the best Verizon phones, best T-Mobile phones, best Sprint phones, and the best AT&T phones.
Choosing a cell phone plan has never been simple, but lately every carrier seems to be claiming to have the best deals on plans and features. You would just assume keep using a land line for a couple of bucks a month, but those goons you call friends and family insist on being able to reach you at all times. If all you’re looking for is a cheap plan with no features, Sprint has the best deal, by far.
When looking for a bare-bones smartphone plan, Sprint isn’t the cheapest, but it is the best value.
For those who love their smartphones and do a lot of texting, talking, and data using, an unlimited plan is what you want.
Do not assume this information is complete, do not assume that these prices will be current forever. If you use a lot of data, a smartphone and lots of apps, a Sprint plan would be my suggestion. There are phone options at Best Buy to match and often BEAT the prices direct from the companies or your local cell phone store. Honestly, I wish I could stay with T-Mo but their 3G coverage and signal penetration just isn't there yet. I mean, do you really want to constantly have your neck bent, fingers poking tiny keys, and a tiny screen telling you to cross town to save $10 on the new iPod? I did called the stores to make sure the prices were right and the phone was accurate saving me $50 on the camera as well as time that would have been spent on research.

You have 40-minute conversations with relatives on your commute, text nonstop with friends, and whip out your phone to stream your favorite YouTube videos without hesitation, gobbling up data with reckless abandon. There is simply no speed guarantee on the Boost plans after you have used 2.5GB in a month. On top of that, we are locked in at a rate plan that is $20 less than currently available because we have continued to be customers! I've never tried Sprint but I don't think they offer month-to-month plans and I'm never signing for a phone a contract again.
Not sure if other carriers do this, but if you are on a Sprint $69 and up data plan you get a regular 2 year phone discount every year. Unfortunately,Sprint offers no 200 minute plans available for users seeking texting or data. These are virtually useless if you actually browse the Web or use data-intensive apps more than a few times a month. Verizon has a tower up here and its 3g, so almost anywhere I go up here I have near perfect signal.
Had I been at Future Shop and not known about the Best Buy price, then this service would've just stole my $1 on top of the $400 I would've lost already.
AT&T is the runner up here due solely to its inclusion of rollover minutes, which can be accumulated for up to 12 months before expiring. Kind of surprising considering the population of the city is like 4k, though it practically doubles when school is in session.

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