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If you work in a dirty, dusty, wet, muddy, rough-and-tumble environment, then you’ve probably run into a lot of problems and frustrations with typical cell phones. You need a tough phone that can get the job done (glass-jawed smart phones need not apply).
There are several such cell phones on the market built for rugged work environments, but many of them will cost you an arm and a leg. Ideal for construction workers, fisherman, firefighters, emergency workers, soldiers, lumberjacks and anyone who works outdoors.

When the bomb drops, nothing will be left kicking on this planet except cockroaches and Zug S cell phones. In testing it’s dropped onto concrete several times, submerged in water for half an hour, submitted to extreme heat and freezing temperatures. Pretty, touchscreen smartphones with a million apps are fun to play around with at the office, but out in the field you need something a little beefier…something waterproof…dustproof…shockproof…weatherproof…sunproof…drop-on-the-ground-ten-times-a-day-proof. Those are fine for massive corporations with deep pockets, but small contractors need something this side of the $100 line.

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