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The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether police need a warrant to search the cellphones of people they have arrested. Justices said Friday they will hear appeals in two cases in which criminal defendants were convicted and sentenced at least in part on the strength of evidence obtained by warrantless searches of their cellphones. At issue is a 40-year-old high court ruling allowing warrantless searches of items people are carrying when they are arrested. The Riley case arose after gang member David Leon Riley was arrested in connection with a shooting of a rival gang member. The Wurie case is based on an arrest where the police found information on Brima Wurie’s phone about an address where they later made separate arrest.

While courts commonly agree that most objects found on a suspect can be searched after an arrest, cellphones are controversial because of the amount of personal, indentifying data they may include. That’s led privacy organizations to come out strongly against the ability of police to search cellphones along with other objects after an arrest.
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Police arrested Riley and subsequently searched his cellphone, where they found information about Riley’s gang affiliations and the contact information of other suspected gang members.

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