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In the last years, mobile telephony is running a large – scale technology path, a clear demonstration of this is the famous Apple’s iPhone, which marked a new trend in management and cell phone use, thanks to the innovative touch screen it has, as well as other amazing features which include the possibility of performing hundreds of activities in the same place. This innovative idea was already being used by PDAs and Palms, but users needed a pen pointer to be able to use the computer applications, in contrast with the new iPhone’s touch screen, the user can manipulate the different options and tools in the device only with his or her fingers, which provides great convenience to the user. The iPhone has been very popular in the market, which has increased the demand for the company Apple, causing several companies to change their regular mobile phones to the new touch screen technology with maneuverable fingers. Besides the touch screen cell phones, specialist and cell phone developers have also improved battery life and dimensions of the cell.
At present, the major cell phone brands, such as Sony, LG, Apple and Nokia, are aimed at maximizing the functionality of the cell phone, which include features such as Internet browsing, e – mail, playing audio and video, touch screen, and multimedia games. For example, the current cell phones are not only used to make calls or send text messages, but also to entertain the user through all kinds of applications.
One disadvantage of this new generation would definitely be the high price that has to be paid to acquire a cell phone with the applications explained above, which vary by model and provider, for which there are many forms of payment, whether prepaid by contract or by grants. One of the most expensive is no doubt the iPhone , which has a wide variety of features and is the most innovative in its touch screen. We are living in an age of modernisation though science is approaching to success day by day and you canA?a‚¬a„?t deny itA?a‚¬a„?s appreciable facts and researches. Science and technology has showed its great inventions and researches till now and itA?a‚¬a„?s one of the best and creative invention is cell phone technology.
A very first cell phone was released in 1983 and the very first cell phone call was made in 1973.
A cell phone is a machine that is designed to stay in contact with the family, relatives and loved ones. It is used to make and receive calls all over the world and make the life easier and faster of the users. There are many brand of cell phone such as Alcatel, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, O2, Motorola, Sony Ericson, T-Mobile, Vodafone and etc. Modern technology of mobile phones have now developed applications for the multiple users that is face book, twitter, whatsapp and etc. These applications have many options to send and receive calls, voice messages, texts, videos, audios and stuff. What Is The Future Of Cell Phone Technology? In the last decade phones have already come so far, it seems there are few possibilities our mobile device has yet to take over—then again, we are likely to be surprised. Here are 5 cell phone technology advancements we can expect according to the latest technology stock news and trends. More and more people are using their cell phones and tablets to surf the web than ever before.
One upon a time, cell phones were only used to make phone calls, then text messaging evolved, and next thing we knew we could take photos, send emails, and surf the web on our phones. Then apps came along, adding high quality video games and credit cards to the running list of things a phone can double as. Technology companies recognize the obsession with apps such as Skype, which allows face-to-face communication from all the way across the world. The developers behind innovative and useful startup apps are turning into today’s millionaires when big tech companies step in and buy them out for top dollar.

With any Apple device you are given a little chunk of free cloud space, which continually synchs and stores all device data, until you run out of free storage space. This device is based on concept to simultaneously run applications like phone, GPS, music, teleconference and calendar events into activity based experiences. The focus of the Onyx project was to illustrate how Synaptics’ revolutionary clear capacitive touch screen can push design and interaction boundaries through collaborative design. P-One Modular Concept Phone by Bilal Khan P-One modular concept phone was conceived at the IT university Lahore, Pakistan by Bilal Khan.
So far, we only know that their ClearPad technology is available, but not the Onyx cell phone itself.
Designer Hiromi Kiriki decided to take on the challenge and create what could be the 2020 model cell phone that everyone wants. Even though it looks quite futuristic and some design ideas (such as the Sony logo) are downright ugly, it still has huge potential. The above led to consolidate a new generation of phones on the market, leading to new technological advances in cellular telephony.
The large number of applications that have cell phones today has consumed more energy, causing the battery to decrease more rapidly, a clear example is the frequent use of internet, which consumes a large amount of energy, making it impossible for the cell phone to last all day. The new generation of mobile search tools include laptops, but in a more portable and easily way. It is also found in other cellular market innovative, such as the Black Berry Storm 9500, the HTC Touch 3G, the LG KC910 Renoir, the Motorola ROKR E8, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, the Palm Treo Pro, the Samsung SHG-i900 Omnia and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.
After sometime cell phone designers made cell phone with more high technology that is it contains calculator, radio, mp3 player, Wi-Fi, camera, alarm clock, games, calender and etc. Future generations will wonder how people ever survived without a ‘cell phone’ implanted beneath their skin, able to calculate all body vitals and perhaps even contact a doctor at a moments notice. Advertisers keep a constant watch on which devices people use in order to better monetize ads.
It seems the options are endless when it comes to app development, making the generation of apps a potentially very profitable industry, predicted by 2015 to generate over 100 billion dollars in sales. In hopes of capitalizing on this market, tech companies are feverishly working to produce the next best form of mobile communication that includes less typing and more talking.
Take Zong for example, a program capable of linking an account number with money to a cell phone number, among other cool new wave ways to handle your dough.
If your phone or computer is not backed up regularly you risk losing important or even sentimental treasures; plus, the cloud assures us that we will never have to retype an entire paper again because the power went out.
It uses the Synaptics Clearpad technology which is a thin, high resolution capacitive touch screen interface which eliminates the mechanical benefits on handheld devices. By combining Synaptics enabling technology, interaction design proficiency and concept prototyping capabilities with Pilotfish’s user interface and industrial design expertise, the Onyx concept illustrates what is possible when a thoughtful approach is used to incorporate new technology in the mobile environment.
The cell dimensions have also changed entirety, now they are able to adapt to the needs of the current users. The current cell phones will keep following the new trend of touch screen operation, until they are able to find another innovation which will offer a greater convenience to the user.

Android, Symbian, Smarter phone, IOS, Mobile Linux, Windows phone are the some main operating systems of cell phone.
Usually business men and hard workers of tough schedule buy such cell phones because they donA?a‚¬a„?t have enough time to charge up. Back to the near future though, cellular technology is readily booming in its infancy, meaning there are still many surprises to come. In face of the facts, Wall Street continues to report the dramatic shift from a desktop computer to a mobile device. Bottom line, any tech company wants to make money, and so they have employed some of the best and brightest minds to work on creating new apps and technology that will change the way we live. Find More on Mobiles of the Future! Google’s Siri, or the ability on some devices to speak your text messages and then have them typed out for you; think of these recent innovations as the early stepping-stones to future technology. Lately, it seems new cloud companies IPO on Wall Street every week, highlighting the popularity and demand for cloud space among large corporations and individuals too. It is enabled through the clear capacitive sensing technology of Synaptics, thus illustrating what the future of mobile communications would be.
It's a phone that is repairable, upgradable, and tailored to meet your style and needs in a sustainable and responsible way.
In the long run the devices that would be used for communication would also depend upon the way how data is captured and stored.
Investors trading technology stocks are extremely tuned in to which companies are going to be releasing the most futuristic and innovative technology in the near future.
Companies strictly focused on selling great computers have really struggled over the last few years, driving even the once on top of the world, Dell, to become private in face of dealing with unrealistic investors and a quickly devaluing brand. With so many cloud companies competing to store your information, you can expect the price and ease of securely backing up and storing your excess information to rapidly improve in the coming years. It would be that of combining an intelligent and adaptive user interface, this with sleek industrial design and the next-generation user interaction design. Recently i was reading an article which mentioned that Nokia was developing a mobile phone which would capture and simulate the environment of the callers and throw it on opposite side of which smell would be major feature. It’s their job to seek out brands that will impress consumers and spur the type of growth Wall Street demands.
Its sexy design appeals to hip and trendy young adults, making a striking statement wherever it […]Targa Florio Concept Smartphone Is Inspired by Classic Automotive Style Targa Florio, a concept smartphone that combines classic automotive style and hi-tech digital (rotatable display touch screen).
Even if you’re not that crazy about the stock market, if you have a passion for technology it is important what ‘The Street’ has to say. Companies know in order to satisfy us consumers, they need to develop a phone that can operate just as efficiently as any multifaceted desktop. After all, Wall Street is a backdoor into some of the world’s favorite brands, offering some insight into what the future of cell phone technology has to offer.

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