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A recent article appeared in the Dayton Daily News titled “When do parents become ‘stalkers’”. 21-year-old student at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music is making worldwide headlines after recently winning a stalking order against her parents in court.
The controlling parents face a stalking order and now can no longer have contact with their 21-year-old daughter before Sept. There were  a number of articles that appeared online and in the print media about this case of a overly protective and somewhat obsessive mother. We would love to hear your opinion regarding how far a parent should go in monitoring their children, teenager or in this case older child and use of their mobile phones using cell phone tracking software. Cell phone tracking people, powerful mobile phone via gps tracking works with child monitoring application. Get alerts for negative social media interactions through our new Cyberbully Radar platform. Whether you want tracking on your phone, laptop or tablet, to find your device or to find someone, it can be easily set-up on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. The built-in Android device manager will allow you to track, lock and wipe clean your Android Tablet or phone in the event that you lose it.
Select Android device manager – you will see the location of the phone or tablet on the map. Since Windows does not offer a tracking solution for its tablets, laptops and PC’s you will need a third party tracker if you want to be able to track the location of your device.
On both the Android and Windows systems, when using this tracking method, you need to be aware that the tracking information can be disabled, if the phone has a factory reset performed on it. When you put your device into lost mode, iCloud will begin tracking it and will develop a timeline of its movements. Where’s my droid, is another free download for your Android that will enable you to find your phone if you lose it. Life 360 offers a free cell phone tracking app for Android, Windows phones, and Apple’s IOS making it adaptable to whichever phone or device you have, including laptops and tablets.
McAfee not only makes anti-virus software for computers, they also have a tracking app for your Android device.

PlanB can be used on Android 2.x devices (Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread) to find your phone even if you have not added a tracker.
No matter which operating system that your phone, laptop or tablet uses, there are many ways to protect it from loss and you can use the settings on your phone or add a new application.
Doing it free or paying a fee when considering a tracking application, will depend on the level of security that you require on your device, and if your intent is to keep your devices safe from loss or theft. Her parents, David and Julie Ireland, confessed to installing monitoring software on her computer and phone.
Phone tracking app to fix iphone app is the possibilities of multiple communication channels into a gps tracker is the best free phone spy phone for modern parents who want to track any android phones are preloaded with? Do you know that you can add a simple application to your cell phone that will help you locate it? Free cell phone tracking apps are available that have added features beyond what is already onboard and some offer extra features, such as anti-virus security and malware protection.
When it is enabled with the iCloud options, your device can be tracked from the iCloud website. Unlike the other two operating systems, your Apple device will survive a factory reset, as Apple will not activate a phone that they have listed in their system as lost. This app will give you the freedom to track your phone from anywhere with the online “Commander” control center. An open source app that is being used worldwide with many recoveries to its credit, Prey will work on your phone, tablet and laptop, keeping them safe from theft and inadvertent loss.
Not only do they offer a hidden anti-theft component, they also offer antivirus software, a firewall and other great features to keep your Android Smartphone, laptop and tablet safe from online attacks as well as from lose due to theft or the misplacement of your electronic device. It offers features like Avast!, that keep your Android powered devices safe from viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses and botnets.
PlanB’s app for Android will work if your device is connected via Wi-Fi, GPS or cellular data. There are also several methods to track your family and friends, some already onboard your device and others that can be downloaded of free or for a small monthly fee. If you need a full featured app, that also offers the security of anti-virus and malware protection, for your devices and those of your family, then considering an application from McAfee or Avast!, may be the best route for your to take when adding a tracking app to your phone, laptop and tablet.

Alternatively, you can add cell phone tracking apps to your child, teen or family members phone so that you know where they are.
Some of these applications are free and some require a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee.
Listed in the following section are the steps required to set your devices up for tracking. Like Android and windows, you will have the option of tracking it, and mark it as lost, wiping it clean, which removes your personal data or locking it to protect your data.
You can give your phone a command to ring so that you can locate it when it is nearby, or you can get the GPS coordinates of your phone if it is outside of your hearing range.
When you set location sharing with others, you can all keep track of each other’s locations if everyone is using the app. Prey is also available by subscription for businesses and organizations with a number of phones. It scans installed applications, memory cards and more, and gives you the same level of protection on your remote electronic devices that you use on your personal computer. Limited on the number of Androids OS versions, PlanB is still a good way to track your phone if you neglected to set-up the onboard tracking system of your device. Since many of these apps are free, and security settings on your phone are already part of the operating system, there is no reason to ever lose your phone again. Family in many tracking on and what are smart enough to track any cell phone s series mobile gps can be extensible and install that this app will track gps global positioning satellite network: how to track your android phone.
Loosing track of your phone can cause a sense of panic, but loosing track of someone for a longer than you think you should, can be scary.
The basic will give you the ability to check the call history, contact list, emails, web history and many other operations that are occurring on your children’s phones. With the Prey app included in a group of phones, you will be able to track the location of all of your people, wherever they are.

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