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Once registered, you'll be able to view the most current pricing, services and place orders.
No matter how damaged your phone or tablet is we can generally restore your device to like new condition.
Update: Well, would you look at that, just moments after reports of a deal being near comes the news that a deal has actually been reached. Disclosure: Each carrier will post on its website its clear, concise, and readily accessible policy on postpaid and prepaid mobile wireless device unlocking.
Postpaid Unlocking Policy: Carriers, upon request, will unlock mobile wireless devices or provide the necessary information to unlock their devices for their customers and former customers in good standing and individual owners of eligible devices after the fulfillment of the applicable postpaid service contract, device financing plan or payment of an applicable early termination fee. Prepaid Unlocking Policy: Carriers, upon request, will unlock prepaid mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment or usage requirements. Notice: Carriers that lock devices will clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking at the time when their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically unlock devices remotely when devices are eligible for unlocking, without additional fee. Response Time: Within two business days after receiving a request, carriers will unlock eligible mobile wireless devices or initiate a request to the OEM to unlock the eligible device, or provide an explanation of why the device does not qualify for unlocking, or why the carrier reasonably needs additional time to process the request. Deployed Personnel Unlocking Policy: Carriers will unlock mobile wireless devices for deployed military personnel who are customers in good standing upon provision of deployment papers.
Carriers reserve the right to decline an unlock request if they have a reasonable basis to believe the request is fraudulent or the device is stolen. But carriers already unlock devices upon customer request it if they’re out of contract. First of all, the disclosure provision is definitely new and not something the carriers are going to necessarily like. What consumers need is a way to unlock their phone ahead of their contract expiration as long as their account is in good standing and they are obliged to continue their monthly payments.
So the government believes we should have a choice in cell carrier, but not a choice in healthcare providers or service. We have all the latest update unlocking hardware and software and we can provide a safe guaranteed unlock every time. If your mobile phone is locked to a provider say for example Rogers and you get "invalid sim card", "Phone Restricted", "Enter Subsidy Password", "Pay T-Lock", "Enter Network Lock Code" or similar when you put in another sim card from a differant network then your phone will need to be unlocked using this service. Do you want to phone around for the cheapest Deal or Do you want it fixed Guaranteed The First Time! SIM cards are small chips about the size of your thumb, but it's the key to unlocking a locked cell phone.
There are two cell phone technologies that are used by the majority of the world's mobile phone service providers: Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). If a phone is locked, the service provider has installed some software on the phone that ties the subscriber ID number on the SIM card to the serial number of that particular phone. If you live in North America, you can usually determine whether your phone is GSM or CDMA based on the service provider you use. There's an easy way to find out for sure: Find a friend whose phone is known to be unlocked.
Next, we'll explain the advantages of having an unlocked phone, and explain how to make it happen.
For us, the repair work is not just about finding the fault and fixing it, it is about quality parts that are made to last long. We replace LCD and Touch screens on all cell phones and tablets, even those not listed in our products section.
GSM wireless providers lock their phones to ensure that they will only work on their network. Unlocking allows you to use your current GSM cell phone with other GSM providers (your phone will no longer be “locked” to one network).
We unlock Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Wind Mobile, Virgin, Mobilicity, Koodo, T-mobile, AT&T Cingular, Vodafone, Orange and other GSM cell phones. Our trained technicians will repair your mobile phone or tablet device quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.

China Express This is when I though starting a repair company of my own to offer personalized customer service to people.
Apple iOS 8.0 Using the latest diagnostic tools, we are equipped in diagnosing the problem and making your tablet repair happen. Windows Phone 10 Solving your networking problem, hardware problems or software problems for your desktop PC. Desktop System Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer. It depends on the repair needed, the time involved and the cost of replacement parts, which vary according to the make and model of the phone.
For remote and mail-in services, browse our website and add the service(s) you need to the shopping cart.
Mingle Fire TouchOur service team has changed the broken screen of this phone with a new digitizer glass touch screen. Samsung Broken DisplayWe have replaced the LCD and Touch screens on this Samsung cell phone which was demolished.
I recently purchased a brand new Motorola Razr v3 Pink for my wife for Christmas from Argos .
Thinking of myself as a bit handy at having a go at unlocking phones because I had previously unlocked my o2 XDA and my Orange spv c500 I thought I would have a go myself. There are several forums that show you how to do it manually using a mini USB connector, but the various warnings that you could ruin your cell phone if you got it wrong put me off.
Another option is to download some software, pay the fee, about £12, and get an unlock code that way. Needless to say, after 2 hours of trying to get it to work, turning off firewalls, re-booting, configuring my router, the motoblaze unlock software just wouldn't connect to their server. So the moral of this story is that if you want to unlock a Vodafone Pay As You Go (or one out of contract) Motorola RAZR V3, just phone the network provider, in my case Vodafone, pay your £20, and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort. Factory unlock or IMEI unlock is the simplest and safest way to unlock your device WITHOUT jailbreaks, hacks or any other tricks. A customer comes into the shop with an iPhone and no matter how hard they press the power button it does nothing!
The CTIA has posted a PDF document that reveals some of the agreed upon terms of the negotiations. However, there is now a clear and concise message for cell phone unlocking in the US and the timelines for each type of customer. Everything else is already being followed and for anyone who actually wants their device to be unlocked, either by already knowing devices can be unlocked or through googling to find out how to use a device on another carrier and learning about unlocking, is not hindered in any way by the current implementation that they will not be by the new one. Have your friend place his or her SIM card in your phone, and then call your friend's number. We provide diagnostics, replace broken parts, water and liquid damage, fix software issues and other phones problems.
We carry refurbished and new cell phones, including Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung, as well as screen protectors, soft skins and hard-shell casing, leather hip holsters, hands-free Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, car and wall chargers, USB to cigarette lighter adapters, USB data connector cables, SIM cards, prepaid top ups and long-distance, etc., etc.!
Why buy a new cell phone or tablet computer when you can Repair or Unlock the one you already have? We unlock cell phones that use SIM technology so they can be used with different service providers. Locked to the UK Vodafone Pay As You Go network, I wanted to unlock it so she could use it with her Orange PAYG sim card, because she gets 5 free texts a day forever, as long as the phone has credit on it. Some companies do imei unlocking when you don't have a cable, but that can take a couple of days, and I needed to do it before my wife got home from work!
It is almost always much cheaper to repair and restore your existing device then it is to buy a new one.
The power button is one thing that wears out with time and a common repair around our shop. The bottom line is no matter what, this is a major win for consumers and the overall industry even if the carriers are probably steaming over the deal.

Notice to prepaid customers may occur at point of sale, at the time of eligibility, or through a clear and concise statement of the policy on the carrier’s website. Most turn to questionable services on line (some legit, some aren’t, I love Chronicunlocks). In fact, many countries have cell phone portability laws that make it illegal for a company to lock a phone to a specific account (though these laws seem to change frequently). We specialize in Environmentally Savvy Solutions for your Cell Phone that are easy on your pocket.
Check out the “Reviews” at the bottom of our homepage to see what our customers have to say about our services.
To see the prices of our more common repair services, check under the manufacturer tabs on the left of our Repairs page.
Providers that use GSM technology in North America include Rogers, Fido, SpeakOut, Chatr, Virgin, Solo, AT&T Cingular, T-mobile and many, many more! Come see us anytime and we'll replace it for you and get that little sucker working properly again.
For other carries, since I just assumed their processes would be similarly standardized considering they are major carriers, things may be getting a lot more user-friendly. We stock refurbished Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Samsung and other smart phones in addition to basic cell phones. We also carry a wide selection of cell phone and tablet accessories, including wall, car and USB chargers, headphones and headsets, skins and protective casing, screen protectors, holsters, and SIM cards.
Telus, Bell, Verizon and other providers sometimes have Blackberry or Android phones which use GSM technology as well. Make sure you've got your imei number and mobile number handy, and you'll need a non vodafone sim card to complete the process. What the FCC really needs to do is something regarding the insane prices of services such as texting.
You can take the SIM card out, put it into another phone, and if someone calls your number, the new phone will ring. If you received a phone for free or at a very low price when you signed a contract for your cell phone service, your phone is almost certainly locked.
We carry a large selection of cell phone and tablet computer accessories, DIY replacement parts, Canadian and American SIM cards and prepaid top-up credit. Need more information?
Or, if you don’t know what is going on with your phone, please select “Diagnostic” and mail it in for us to figure out what exactly is wrong. We also unlock Wind and Mobilicity cell phones, which will work on GSM networks (note, however, that unlocked GSM phones will not work on these AWS networks). You can also put a different SIM card in your unlocked phone, and your phone will then work with whatever phone number and account is linked to that card. The operator even stayed on the line while I hunted for a sim and entered the subsidy code to unlock the phone to any network.
We sell Wholesale GSM Cell Phones, Wholesale Unlocked Cell Phones, Used Wholesale Cell Phones & More!
It can’t possibly cost that much to send such trivial amounts of data, even when in the thousands of messages. CDMA phones have no SIM cards and must be authenticated by the service provider, which makes unlocking a phone impossible [source: Segan].
Only T-Mo really at the disadvantage, but they seem to be OK with that because they’ve already pushed ahead with the no-contract business model. Finally, it kinda appears to indicate that PrePay doesn’t HAVE to tell you at point of sale if the device is or will be locked, just that they MAY.

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