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Huawei have announced their new budget smartphone - the Huawei Ascend Y330D dual sim-card cell phone. EXCLUSIVE: 7 schools defying city's cell phone ban by offering in-house storage The schools, located in Manhattana€™s Martin Luther King Jr. A cluster of Manhattan schools are independently chipping away at the school cell phone ban a€” a systemwide policy Mayor de Blasio has long promised to overturn.

The program that started on Monday marks one of the first times that city schools have allowed kids to bring phones to school and provided storage for them in the building. Usually kids stick their phones in bodegas, for about a buck a day, or simply keep them hidden.
High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice junior Bria Bethea, 16, said that the free storage her school now provides means she can spend her allowance on something other than storing her cell phone. At least three businesses near the schools have provided storage for the kids, including a nearby Rite Aid, the Sunflower Deli & Grocery and a shoe store, students and a source told the Daily News. De Blasio vowed to end the citya€™s prohibition of cell phones in schools on the campaign trail and admitted in September that even his son Dante brings a phone to Brooklyn Technical High School. A spokesman for the mayor declined to comment on the limited phone storage program begun this week, but Education Department officials said they would allow it to continue.
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Educational Complex, have begun to allow students to check their phones with school staffers. Educational Complex have begun to allow students to check their phones inside the building after the manager of a nearby storefront upped his phone storage fees for students from $1 to a whopping $5 per day.

None of the workers at the businesses would cop to charging $5 a day for phone storage, as the source alleged. But critics have ripped him for taking so long to lift the ban, which is mainly enforced in schools that screen students with metal detectors, such as the schools in the Martin Luther King Jr. We never stop improving our operation by always putting our customers - and their needs - first. Hundreds of students were paying for storage during school days a€” as recently as last week a€” but that hustle is now down to a trickle. From computer hardware & software to office supplies & electronics all at low online prices. Now kids can stash their phones with school staffers in bags containing copies of their student IDs.
Elian for New York Daily News Students crowd around the entrance of the Sunshine Deli where they retrieve their cell phones at the end of the school day. A group of schools are now offering storage so students don't have to pay to stash their phones.

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