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The Verizon Nokia Twist cell phone is very cool Hope they sell some pretty heavy duty screen protectors for this. To identify your phone, you can check the model number on the sticker under the battery or look in the phone's Settings app. With uSell, you'll likely get a higher value than the Verizon Device Trade-in program, and you'll get it paid to you in cash, not store credit.

I look at that thing, and I know that if I bought it, it’d become permanently attached to my keychain, which is handy, but potentially damaging to the phone. When you sell your Verizon Samsung device, it's critical that you select the correct model so that you can ensure a fast transaction and prevent potential requotes.  If you can't easily identify the phone that you are selling from the photos above, you can check the Verizon Samsung model number on the sticker under the battery, or look in the phone's Settings app.

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