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Technology is a big part of everyone’s lives these days and you can bet many new gadgets will be given and received over the holidays.
Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization that helps deployed and returning soldiers communicate with family.See more information at the Cell Phones for Soldiers website.
Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about our Cell Phone for Soldiers phone drive. Posted by Katie Huebschen, Marketing Manager, on behalf of First Weber Group Realtors, Wisconsin's #1 Independent Real Estate Team.
Materials management and recycling are an integral part of environmental management at the MBTA. The MBTA has a single stream recycling program to bring a more sustainable solution to its waste stream. The MBTA breaks down the various items insuring proper recycling with little or no landfill impact. The MBTA has eleven major maintenance facilities that maintain subway cars, buses, non-revenue vehicles, and infrastructure for the transportation network. The single stream waste management program was first piloted in 2010 at all MBTA maintenance facilities. In addition the MBTA recycled over 60,000 gallons of waste oil in 2012 and has saved $45,000 by selling the waste oil. The aerosol cans program punctures the cans and releases the propelant (butane or propane) in to a 55 gallon drum tank. The MBTA has held ten Community Recycling Events in the Fall of 2012 and the Spring of 2013 (See Events). In 2012, the MBTA started to collect old cell phones for the Charity Cell Phones for Soldiers. The Central Valley K-9 Unit and the Investigative Services Unit at PVSP acquired 530 cellular phones, plus charging devices, to donate to “Cell Phones for Soldiers,” which gives troops the ability to stay connected to their families.
Since its inception in 2004, “Cell Phones for Soldiers” has worked to keep military families connected by providing tools for free communication for those serving overseas in the U.S. Thank you to the Pleasant Valley State Prison K-9 Unit and the Investigative Services Unit for your support.You have made a huge difference in the lives of our brave American troops.

I read your first Secretary’s message and received some comments about your “Hug-a-thug” mentality. Tickets are just $13 each for all military members (veterans or active duty) and their families for the November 14 game versus Fort Wayne.
After the game there will be a postgame party with the players in the Club Level Lighthouse Lounge -  a free event for anyone with a game ticket. All fans attending Veteran’s Appreciation Night on Friday, November 14, are encourage to help our troops by donating a gently-used cell phone to Cell Phones for Soldiers. For men and women serving in the United States military around the world, making a call home is costly and often a rarity.
When you get your tickets for the November 14 Veterans Appreciation Night game consider buying an extra ticket for a vet to enjoy the game. We are excited to announce that all our efforts resulted in an impressive showing of support for the men and women serving in the United States Military.
A non-profit, family-run organization, Cell Phones For Soldiers provides a free means of communication to the men and women serving in the United States Military. This year, we collected 661 cell phones via our 63 retail locations across Virginia and West Virginia! We at nTelos aim to serve our troops through programs like Cell Phones For Soldiers each year.
The MBTA has numerous programs in place that assures the proper disposal of land ban items and hazardous waste. The program includes all faces of our waste stream from paper recycling up to and including complex recycling of our vehicles. Not surprisingly, these facilities produce a huge amount of waste, which includes a large amount of land ban items and hazardous materials.
The events were in Salem (twice), East Boston, Kingston, Revere, Watertown, Ashland, Andover, Wellington Station in Medford, and Wachusett Mountain.
Armed Forces in May during National Military Appreciation Month with a donation of more than 500 cell phones. Senate passed a resolution in 1999 designating May as National Military Appreciation Month.

On Friday, November 14 the Walleye will host Veterans Appreciation Night, presented by Owens Community College. A special pregame ceremony will be held to honor our men and women who have served or are currently serving the country. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization which provides free communication tools to active-duty military members and veterans. The MBTA not only deals with its waste responsibly, but in addition works with local communities to help reduce their waste through community recycling events.
This program has achieved over $125,000 in cost avoidance in comparison to the previous waste management programs. These events are held by the MBTA as a public service so residents can get rid of land ban items for a nominal fee.
Since the MBTA started working with the charity it has collected in excess of 3,500 cell phones and 3,000 chargers which translates into over a 38,000 minutes of free phone time for soldiers overseas. There will also be a special recognition of military members and their families during the game. We'll work with Owens Community College and area veteran organizations to distribute the donated tickets.
The MBTA has a "core swap" relationship with battery suppliers to make sure the lead acid batteries are dealt with properly.
On November 7, 2012 Secretary Davey presented Brittany Berquist, a founder of Cell Phones for Soldiers, with a special community recognition award for her admirable work.
The tire contract allows the MBTA to "lease" tires and when they hit a certain mileage they are automatically replaced and do not end up in the landfill.

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