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Three new ads in Facebook's campaign for its new Facebook Home phone takeover app all have one thing in common: They show people ignoring friends, family, strangers, and colleagues while they check their phones to see what's going on in the Facebook news feeds. Notably, the best ad of the three shows Zuckerberg introducing the new product at Facebook HQ.
In the other two ads, a man is shown briefly ignoring a flight attendant who asks him to shut his phone off for takeoff; and the third shows a young woman checking her phone under the dinner table because she's bored by an older woman talking about her cats. As for dinner girl, there is nothing more irritating than seeing someone check their phone mid-conversation during a meal.
While we've all bored people over dinner at one time or another, the ability to make good conversation is a skill associated with maturity and education. The Facebook Home campaign, taken at face value, suggests that it is no longer rude to check your phone while someone else is talking to you. Parse that for a second: Zuckerberg appears to be literally saying that if you're eating dinner with your wife it's OK to ignore her while you swipe your chat heads, or whatever. And dinner has shown fierce resistance to advertisers who try to interrupt it (and yes, there wil be advertising on Facebook Home). Still, it would be nice if uninterrupted dinner conversation didn't become collateral damage along the way. OrangeYesterday, we met with Orange, a French telecom company that has a huge presence in Europe, at the SIFMA conference in New York.They took us aside and gave us a detailed tour of a device they've been working on for over 5 years. It's similar to an iPhone in that it incorporates break-through technology, a touchscreen, and an intuitive user interface that no trading desk has ever seen before.One desk in France is currently using Open Trade. Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, and it's pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it does a lot of things that Apple's latest iPhone can't do (and we're not even including the differences between iOS and Android's OS).
It's from Kleiner Perkins partner and former Internet analyst Mary Meeker's latest presentation on the state of the technology industry. It shows what, exactly, the average smartphone user is looking for when he or she checks their phone ~150 times per day. Tally up all the "checks" you would rather do by looking at a screen on your wrist rather than pulling a screen out of your pocket.

Some of these checks will, some of the time, result in users having to pull their phones out of their pocket to do something a€“ respond to a text, answer the phone, or read a full-length news story. But just as often, I can imagine looking at my watch and deciding to decline a call or not to read more about a news story.
Siri is pretty awful, but one thing it is good for is taking spoken phrases like "OK period I'll be home soon period where do you want to go for dinner question mark" and turning them into legible text messages a€“ "OK.
As for phone calls, I'm sure that if you're wearing your headphones and have them plugged into your iPhone, you'll be able to tap "Accept" and begin talking.
Even if you eliminate all or most of the voice call, messaging, and news checks from my tally, you still get ~50 checks per day.
For a lot of people, that's going to be enough usage to justify spending the $200 or $300 analyst Gene Munster believes Apple will charge for the watch. Here's the other thing: All of the "checks" listed on Meeker's chart are smartphone specific. One thing people around my office are already excited about is seeing what Apple can do turning the watch into a sensor like the Nike FuelBand or the Fitbit.
We take our iPhones everywhere with us, which is why the iPhone has become the camera of choice for professionals photographers, artists, and everyone in between. You can also use the volume buttons on the side of the phone as a shutter, making it feel like you’re using an actual point-and-shoot. Tap on the screen to focus, and then slide your finger up and down on the slider to adjust the brightness of your shot.
Press and hold down on the screen to lock your exposure settings so that you don’t have to adjust them again next time. Press and hold the shutter button on the screen to enable Burst mode, which takes 10 photos per second. Set a timer so that you can be in the photo too by tapping the clock icon when taking a picture. Quickly snap a photo without unlocking your phone by swiping up the camera icon in the lower corner of your lock screen. Immediately, one of his underlings gets bored and starts checking his phone (with hilarious fictional consequences).

The FAA would have us believe that it's actually dangerous to use your phone while a plane is taking off. Being a conversationalist was once considered the bedrock of democracy, per Plato, Socrates and Cicero. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg, however, is the woman who successfully demanded Zuckerberg give her 100 uninterrupted minutes of his time and one guaranteed date per week if he was to remain in a relationship with her. Telemarketers tried it, everyone hated it, and now no one answers the phone while they're eating.
A few years ago, the idea of sharing every trivial aspect of your life was laughed at by sensible people. There are plenty of other things that smartwatches will be able to do that aren't listed, many of which I can't imagine yet. I want my watch to always just work and if I didn't care about that then I'd just use my iPhone to tell the time. Try using a different light source, like the flashlight on a friend’s iPhone instead. It takes three photos taken at different exposures, and combines the best parts of each one.
How when youa€™re out at dinner with your wife, and you get a message, it distracts you from whoever youa€™re with?
We don't know what she thinks when Mark drifts off to answer a message from Sheryl Sandberg over dinner. You can make sure your iPhone does this every time you take a photo by launching the camera, tapping HDR, and selecting Auto. With Facebook and other tools, you can stay connected and get more context from more people.

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