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CPR - Cell Phone Repair provides you with outstanding cell phone repair in Buford, GA.At CPR - Cell Phone Repair, we are dedicated to making sure that you are given the highest quality cell phone repair services in Buford, GA. Technological advances created some of the most in depth and realistic experiences that consumers have ever seen.  But what happens when your Xbox 360 gets the dreaded Red Ring of Death or suddenly stops reading games?
With extensive knowledge and a passion for our industry, we provide services for an array of products such as, iphone and smartphone repair, camera repair, game console and other electronics repair! Unlike other cell phone repair stores, we make sure to have our repair parts fully stocked, this eliminates the need to order parts and make you wait longer for the finished product.

Our phone repair shop can handle any situation you may have from a simple phone screen repair to a more serious cell phone water damage issue. We are able to switch out a working drive with a non working one by using advanced soldering methods in order to guarantee a proper and stable connection for the new laser to function.
From a phone repair job to an ipad and screen repair, we're the best choice for all of your gadget repair needs!Stop by or call us at (770) 945-9333 today! This is something we have extensive experience with.  Our methods for a common Xbox 360 repair can take 1 day to complete.

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