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In our connected society, personal digital devices have become an integral part of our daily lives while increasing in importance as mobile offices, mobile jukeboxes and even mobile theaters. Here at our Mooresville Cell Phone Repair shop, we can reduce separation anxiety with walk-in repairs. When your iPhone or iPad is not functioning correctly, you cannot be as connected as you want to be.
All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated and may not offer all of the repair and warranty types listed on this website. One thing that Mark likes about working at CPR is that customers often say that they are hero’s.
Each one of these are true to life examples of situations that CPR has come to the rescue in a very anxious situation. The folks at CPR Cell Phone Repair have developed a solution for fast and convenient cell phone repair—and are literally taking it to the streets. Owner Murray Death is all too familiar with the seemingly endless ways a phone can become damaged. Now, instead of coming into a store, you can make an appointment or call for their van to meet you at your location and fix your phone on-site. With cell phone activations approaching 6 billion worldwide, nearly everyone has had a cell phone that has needed minor repairs.
Whether you spilled a drink on your device or it suddenly stopped working, we can help you get your digital life back to normal. Our gadget tech team has the experience and knowledge to repair a wide variety of tech problems.

Our rates are competitive, and you can let us take an external look at your device without a fee or commitment to our service. The professional technicians of CPR Mooresville can fix your device the very same day you drop it off, even while you wait. They are not miracle workers, but they do have solutions for important data before, and after, it has been lost.
When another fight started and the land line was ripped out, she ran to the bedroom and locked the door. Has had led 2 local companies designing, manufacturing and marketing sensors, cabling systems and connectors for manufacturers of all kinds. Initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary cell phones have increased in complexity, cost and functionality making today’s devices less disposable and consumers more likely to have damaged units repaired.
No franchises will be sold to any resident of any such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document, if any, has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. Our expertise in cell phone repair has earned the trust of customers in Mooresville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.
Because we can generally diagnose problems quickly and accurately, we can often repair iPhones, iPads and other electronics on-site. If we can diagnose the problem, we will give you a free estimate so that you can know the cost before we get to work. Services include iPhone screen repair, iPad screen repair, water damage, audio-sound problems, buttons malfunction and fixes for most common issues. She had enough time to call 911, and the police arrived in time to prevent a potentially deadly situation.

Nothing in this disclaimer should be construed as A waiver of any applicable exemption provisions that may be available to any of these companies or Synergy Franchise Group, LLC. Everyone records their lives with their cell phones, names, pictures, phone numbers, baby pictures, pets, the pictures and text messages that you need for the court case coming up, even the last time you were with mom before she passed away.
Cells are regulated by the FCC, which requires that ALL cells, regardless of status of service (or even the lack of service), must be able to dial 911. They can move the main board into a working phone, replace an LCD, or use their software to pull the data from the phone. Whether you have a phone number or not, whether you have signed up for service or not, your cell can connect to 911. Samsung and Apple phones are the crew’s specialties, but CPR is fit to repair tablets as well. Bring your shattered screen in today, and leave with a clear view back into your digital world.
And, like any good mobile company should, a strong presence on social media and at community events has earned a following of loyal customers that sets the company apart in the cell repair industry. Although the demand is already very high, the supply of competent authorized independent repair centers is still very small and highly fragmented.

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