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Unlike federal DEA numbers, there is no one government database in which state license numbers are stored.
So searching for and validating state license numbers has become a major headache for many healthcare providers.
The standard edition includes well over 100 state license databases and is organized by both state and by professional designation. Simply select the state and professional designation to go directly to the primary state license database you need. The standard edition will save you time, and it will also improve the number of licenses you will be able to find and correctly validate.
By integrating our standard state license search with the DEA database you can now take advantage of that power.

DEA Lookup gives you the maximum number of search options available to find the license you are looking for - including partial matching of name, city, address, and more. Once you find the practitioner or organization you are looking for the state license is just a few clicks away - saving you time and money. You can now insure that your team members validating licenses are utilizing the official and most current state license data sources available. This number checks out since the second digit in our total matched the last number in the DEA #. The most common mistake made checking a DEA # check digit is not adding the second series of numbers twice. Some healthcare practitioners are assigned DEA Numbers which authorize them to prescribe medications controlled by the US Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA).

Pharmacy Technicians must be familiar with the blueprint of the DEA # structure to do an initial check if a suspicious scenario takes place.
When you're working in the field, most likely the DEA # will run thru a cross-check in the database program.
However, with modern technology, the numbers are usually checked against the actual database before a prescription is filled.

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