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If your buildinga€™s infrastructure has been fully upgraded to accommodate VoIP and SIP services, and you feel that your department could benefit from these services, visit Telephone Services at NU to learn more about ordering and cost details.
View the campus closet upgrades list on the NUIT Web site to see when specific buildings are scheduled for an upgrade, and note that if a building is marked as complete, a dedicated data connection is still required for the service. As a reminder, Northwestern University policy limits the use of MADN (Multiple Appearance Directory Number) telephone lines when used with the VoIP telephone system. Check out NUITa€™s Insider Blog for just-in-time bits of University technology announcements and project status updates. Because MADN lines allow calls to be placed to and from multiple telephones, the Federal Communications Commission says that Emergency 911 (E911) calls will disable critical E911 tracking software and block the call location because MADN telephones, by nature, have more than one base location.

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