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RingCentral has lowered their prices on their mobile plans and increased their features, but the prices are only available through the link below.
RingCentral has new Mobile rates and they have increased the number of available extensions on all plans! RingCentral Mobile is the company's traditional virtual pbx plan and will be the option that MOST people and businesses will be interested in. RingCentral Mobile works with your EXISTING phone lines (landlines and cellphone) and is perfect for those people who DO NOT want a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) option. Their free Ring Out software allows users to call any number on their computer using any phone with just a click of the mouse. Internet faxing included on most plans allows you to fax directly from your computer without having to use your modem. RingCentral Controller integrates with your desktop providing you with great flexibility and information about your calls. Text-to-Speech allows you to type a message to a caller who is on hold waiting to hear from someone and the system will read what you've written - VERY COOL!!!!! Here is a video demo of the RingCentral app to help you get a better sense of what it can do. Quick review - When you make a call using RingCentral the call appears to come from your business (your toll-free number) and NOT from the phone you are actually using.
Configuration of the application is very easy; however, you do need to have a RingCentral account BEFORE the app will work for you. Additionally, you can configure RingOut to initiate the call from any phone, not just your iPhone! One last feature worth mentioning is the ability to integrate your contacts within the RingCentral app.
The way RingCentral has designed this features is that for any extension you can pick either normal answering rules OR ACD Queuing, but not both.
When setting up your account you will want to reserve your main lines for those you want to queue and reserve your staff lines for regular answering rules.
RingCentral now allows you to group your call forwarding numbers together and choose how you would like to receive calls.

For those using the call screening feature, you can now create your own message instead of using RingCentral's prompt. Advanced Call Forwarding - You get to pick how long the phone will ring at each of the numbers listed in call forwarding tree.
RingCentral's built in internet fax system will now allow you to select the cover page of your choice - cool! I'm also able to view incoming faxes while I'm away from desk through the RingCentral iPhone App! The picture below is a copy of the RingCentral Internet Fax Application which allows you to select the recipients or add them manually. Rates and minutes posted are based on using a local access number and do not include applicable tax and fees.
A 25¢ per minute surcharge applies on calls made from the Northwest Tel territories and Alaska. A surcharge of 10¢ per minute applies on calls placed to the 867 and northern 250 area codes. For last bought calling cards, please check the access phone numbers on the pictures below. In the old days, your Caller ID would pick up the person's name unless they had an unlisted number. These virtual pbx plans are discussed in detail below and the majority of this page is dedicated to the details of this package. This option allows you to be anywhere and use any phone you want without giving away your personal telephone numbers.
Please keep in mind that using this app will use up BOTH your cell phone minutes AND your RingCentral minutes. With this app you can view all of your incoming faxes right from your iphone AND forward them to anyone you choose. The IP phones MUST be plugged into your router so if you're interested in a multiple line system make sure your router can handle that many lines - and no, there isn't a wireless option for the IP phones. No problem, you can still use RingCentral's traditional virtual pbx plan options as those features are included in this package.

Once a fax comes into your number you can access the file (pdf) through your email or by logging into your online account.
The benefit with the Office product line is that you get additional VOIP if you want it AND unlimited minutes. A call automatically goes to your RingCentral server and dials the number you are attempting to reach.
Most of the time I send the fax immediately, but I can also schedule the fax to be sent at any future date and time of my choosing. The best part is that I don't have to stand over the fax and wait for the transmission to go throug. The International Toll Free Service (ITFS) format is:800 XXX XXXXUzbekistan toll free numbers can be diverted to any landline, cell phone or IP address. These numbers are an ideal way to enhance support of existing clients as well as attracting new business. Plus, Uzbekistan toll free service is easy to set up and maintain and is a more cost-effective option than opening and staffing an office in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan toll free numbers are international toll free phone numbers (ITFS) that your customers can use to reach you toll free. There are significant business centers in the large cities including Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. The Uzbek economy has a large agricultural sector, with particularly high cotton production and accompanying textile manufacturing. Other significant industries include airplane and automotive parts and a large and diverse mining sector.

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