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Below are the South African Contract deals available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (i8190). If you cannot find the deal you are looking for, or maybe you want to check the same deal but on different packages, i got you covered!
Note: If you are using a smartphone you might be on the mobile version of this site, make sure to click the arrows (or pointers) to check other deals, titles (MTN, Vodacom etc) are not showing on the mobile site.
You may also be interested on the Samsung S4 mini prices or check the whole Samsung Galaxy range. The fixed-line operator, which sold its 50% stake in cellphone company Vodacom in 2009, announced its mobile offering at a lavish function at Lanseria Airport on Thursday.
Prepaid Internet customers pay R1 per megabyte out-of-bundle, while data bundles are 25c per megabyte. Amith Maharaj, managing executive of 8ta, said prepaid products would be available at Edgars, Jet, CNA, Altech Autopage Cellular and Smartcall. The network name is derived from the word “heita” – a South African slang word meaning “hello”. Cell C has lodged a successful complaint at the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) against 8ta’s claim of offering “South Africa’s lowest call rate”. 8ta’s advertisement shows a pink ball with the words “95c per minute”; below this, the words “South Africa’s LOWEST Call Rate” appear. Cell C said that its 99c per minute rate applies irrespective of whether you are a prepaid or contract customer.
Cell C argued that 8ta’s prepaid call rate is actually R1.90 per minute – much higher than its 99c per minute. Cell C argued that the average consumer would interpret 8ta’s claim to mean “where I pay 99c a minute for Cell C, I pay 95c a minute for 8ta”.

8ta argued that its commercial merely drew attention to the fact that it was possible to make a call for 95c per minute on 8ta, and that it was up to the customer to find out how this can be done. 8ta said that it will make amendments to the heading “95c per minute South Africa’s lowest call rate”, and that reference shall be made to the fact that R1.90 is the standard rate. The ASA accepted 8ta’s commitment to change the advertisement, and therefore did not consider the matter. The University of the Free State has a long history of academic excellence, and several of the university’s students show why this is the case. SuperSport’s live streaming service is a great way to follow sporting events when you are away from your TV.
You can get something special for mom this Mother’s Day, and without busting the bank.
Luke Mckend, Country Manager, Google South Africa, said: “Given that data can be expensive for many South Africans, the open web is only as open as it is affordable.
Amith Maharaj, 8ta Senior Managing Executive, stated, “Breaking down the barriers to Internet adoption is critical for South Africa to keep up with the rest of world in terms of social and economic development.
Google Search: Users can search the entire Internet and access the first page of websites from the results for free. FREE INTERNET you gotta love these adds soon as you go to a website the first page is free thereafter you pay! NewsletterWould you like to receive the latest African technology news and analysis delivered to your e-mail inbox every morning? These Contract deals are compared between MTN ,Vodacom, Virgin mobile, Telkom mobile (8ta) and Cell C. Download the store deals booklet, all Service Providers are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C).

8ta will initially offer prepaid services, with contract packages to follow next month in November. Users get one free second for outgoing calls for every three seconds an incoming call lasts, while 50 free SMSes, valued at 50c each, are given for a specific day when five paid-for SMSes are sent. First time Internet users who haven’t purchased data bundles often find basic services like email, mobile web browsing and social applications to be very expensive. Working with 8ta on this exciting trial means that we can offer Internet services at no cost to anyone with a phone. If they click further into a website after that, they are directed to a page where they can purchase a data package. Using Free Zone, feature phone users can use the power of the web to grow their businesses or keep in touch with friends and family without the fear of unknown data costs and make more informed choices about their next data device. To enable such benefits for our consumers requires flexible and cutting edge technology and billing systems. It's simply being cached and delivered to you from the cache, that's why you pay for the rest! Effectively it means that all South Africans can have access to Google Search, Google email and Google social networking by simply using any 8ta SIM card on any data enabled handset, no matter how old, free of charge.

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