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I'm in the process of applying for a job just now, was wondering if the P&B masses could help me out.

The problem is, I have to provide evidence of my National Insurance number and they won't accept my payslip as it isn't an original document issued by my employer. The e-mail I have from my prospective employer says that they will accept a letter from HMRC or DWP with my N.I. If you've been in employment for over a year then you get your annual P60 which should be more than adequate.
Seems a bit weird that they ask for proof of your NI number, I worked for the DWP in the past and they sure as hell didn't ask me for anything like that. If you write to HMRC about say, your NIC contributions, and quote your NI number, they will (eventually) write back, quoting your number. I had a similar problem with the HMRC - i had got a UTR number years before under recommendation of co workers but never needed it until the summer when i was working in Edinburgh.

My payslips are received online in PDF format so I thought it would be okay to print this off and send it to them but apparently not. That should have it somewhere, although since it's filled out by your old employer it might not be accepted. Obviously i had lost my number and couldn't get my parents to find it so had to get on the phone to them to get a replacement, took about an hour on the phone then went through the steps they said they were sending it out and it should be within 2 weeks, 2 weeks past and still no reminder so phoned them again and they said it may take another 2 weeks after another hour long wait on the phone.
They have to spend all their time fucking up peoples' lives at the mo, so they might quite like a break.

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