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There are a million-and-one things to do in the game and one of the toughest involves collecting parts for a spaceship. As a result of this level of difficulty, we’ve decided to compile this guide to assist you blessed souls out there who tend to get aneurisms if they don’t get the 100% completion rating at the end. You can begin the hunt after the completion of the ‘Far Out’ mission in Franklin’s ‘Strangers and Freaks’ line of missions.
Skyrim is full of Dragons but when you are searching for them after you thinned the herd a bit finding new locations can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. One of the first things you get in the game after you have started the main story quest line is the Dragonstone. I have taken the map created by GameBanshee and overlaid the Dragonstone to highlight where you can find the burial mounds which appear as white circles. By viewing the map above and by finding the Dragon heads scattered around the map, highlighted with a black circle, you will definitely find a Dragon to conquer at that location. Location 1 – Starting near Riften in the corner of the map is a Dragon burial mound, which sits in a valley just north of Lost Tongue Overlook which sits on a high ridge. Location 2 – Starting at Riften again, this time to its West, the Dragon burial mound sits between Autumnshade Clearing and Sarethi Farm. Location 3 – The Dragon burial mound sits in a shallow valley a few paces North of Eroki’s Shack and East of Autumnwatch Tower.
Location 4, 5, 6 and 7 – Head North to Bonestrewn Crest which sits at the center of a hot springs plateau, you will find 4 Dragon burial mound within walking distance. Next head North towards Kynesgrove which is a small village made up of just a couple of buildings.
Location 8 – Starting from Windhelm follow the road that leads West along the river and while traveling on it you will eventually pass Anga’s Mill which sits down hill from the Dragon burial mound. Location 9 – Starting from Whiterun, travel on the road to the East of the city which runs North. To get to 13 use the same road you have been using and this time follow it past Meeko’s Shack(stop there to pick up Meeko if you want a dog as a companion).
Location 16 sits just off shore of a lake with an island in the middle of it just East of Markarth. Location 17 – Starting from Rorikstead, which is directly east of Markarth by some distance, head West once you have left the city.
Location 19 and 20 – Starting from either Rorikstead or Markarth follow the road and head South. Location 21 – Starting from Falkreath, which is Southwest of Helgen, the town you started the game from, you can access the last 2 Dragon burial mounds. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to.
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Do you have all the wires off and need to know where to put them back or just how to route them neatly? Spirit Beasts are exotic pets – available only to Beast Mastery hunters with the Beast Mastery talent.
While there are a few Spirit Beasts that do pose a real taming challenge, the hardest part about obtaining a Spirit Beast is being fortunate enough to find one. Spirit Beasts possess 3 special abilities, which gives them the distinction of having the most abilities of any hunter pet. Because of their DPS buff, combined with their special healing spell, Spirit Beasts make outstanding PvP pets for Beast Mastery hunters. The following guide lists all of the Spirit Beasts that can currently be found in Azeroth, maps on where to find them, what strategies to use for taming them, along with a few other bits of information to aid in your taming adventures.
Before you begin any taming adventure, I recommend employing the use of either a a rare finder addon or a targeting macro. If you don’t care to mess with addons, or maybe just want to go with a simpler approach, a manual targeting macro can be just as effective. This of course has all nine of the rare spawn Spirit Beasts listed, but feel free to edit it to suit your needs. Arcturis has one spawn location in the Grizzly Hills, which is just north of the Amberpine Lodge. Skoll spawns in three different places in the Storm Peaks, and doesn’t seem to favor any particular one.
Drop a Freezing Trap, start taming, Skoll pounces and gets frozen, tame completes…you have a shiny new Spirit Beast!
Ghostcrawler is immune to all crowd control spells, so you must withstand his attacks while taming. In addition, try to equip items that have haste on them – especially one-use trinkets. Karoma is unique in the sense that he’s the only Spirit Beast that is hostile, as opposed to neutral like all of the other Spirit Beasts. Also note that Ankha is immune to Freezing Trap, as well as all forms of crowd control, so don’t even try. Magria shares the same spawn area as Ankha, and is also found patrolling through The Regrowth.
Like the Spirit Beasts introduced in Cataclysm, Hutia is another in the tradition of Spirit Beast taming Challenges; however, Hutia is the easiest to tame of the 3 new SBs in MoP.
Hutia hits very hard and can take you down within about 2-3 whacks, so you’ll want to maintain a safe distance. Don’t bother keeping your pet out for this fight, hoping to help with the DPS, then planning to dismiss it while Hutia is a safe distance away. It might be a good idea to clear a few of the nearby neutral porcupines out so that you don’t make them angry with your Glaives or AoE trap, distracting you from the business at hand.
I found a good way to handle the kiting strategy was to maintain decent range from Hutia, apart from the last 4-6 seconds when Silencing Shot was about to come off cooldown. When Kill Shot becomes available you’ll know that Strong Will has fallen off and Hutia is ready for taming. In fact, you should use that macro whenever you’re attempting to tame any of these new porcupine Spirit Beasts.
Degu can be found roaming along the rock pathway on the southern central border of the Valley of the Four Winds, at the base of the cliff. Degu also possesses the Strong Will buff, which means you need to get him to 20% before he’s tamable. If you step outside of the dead zone and see him starting to cast Barbed Needle, quickly run back towards him. Degu can prove to be a pretty good challenge, especially since the taming strategy involves some unorthodox tactics.

Degu is very sneaky and will occasionally stop, as if to begin his cast of Barbed Needle, so be careful to keep pace with him. The kiting area is sloped and near a cliff wall, and there are a few spots with huge boulders you have to navigate around. It’s much easier to monitor the distance when you have less terrain issues to deal with. Degu roams slowly along the southern edge of the Valley of the Four Winds, at the base of the cliff. Of the three new porcupine Spirit Beast taming challenges, Gumi is arguably the most difficult. Exhilaration – If he does manage to get close and bite you -and you can manage to escape death- this heal could make the difference between success and failure. He is a cheating ass who will take shortcuts, so only use traps on him when you’re on a straightaway and you know he will run through them. When the time comes that he becomes tamable, make sure you’re at max range, lay an Ice Trap, Conc Shot him, then Tame Beast + Deterrence. Although Gumi probably poses the greatest taming challenge out of all the new MoP porcupine Spirit Beasts, I consider this tame to be only marginally more difficult than the Degu tame. However, as long as you keep him slowed and far away, the only hard part left is the actual tame itself. The trickiest parts are when you’ll likely need to turn around at the monastery to head back the way you came, along with the moment when you actually go to tame him.
Once you’ve worn him down to within taming range, make sure you are at max range with an Ice Trap between you and him, Conc Shot him and then hit your Tame Beast + Deterrence macro.
Along with all of the new Mists of Pandaria Spirit Beasts, Gumi has a respawn rate of about 10 minutes.
Added Tame BEast to the macro so that all you have to do is land and keep hitting the same button. People started buying the game long before they even knew when it was going to be released and it didn’t take long for the pre-orders to break the million mark. For more help on GTA 5, read our Letter Scraps, Stunt Jumps Locations and Easy Money Guide. Those of you who know what I’m talking about are nodding their heads sagely and those who don’t are going, “Wtf!
I won’t go into the specifics of the mission itself since I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but you need to complete this first. Jump into the deep water and find this part well hidden underneath a rusty metal structure. Get to the Simmet Alley in Textile City and retrieve this part from a corner right next to Bean Machine’s coffee shop.
In the underground tram station; the very same one which accessed during the Jewellery Heist. It will be in one of the three 4-5 large pipes that come a long way down from a slope in the marshy area. This stone shows the location of all the Dragon burial mounds, 22 in all, which will spawn dragons as you quest through the main story arc. When you find one of these locations in the game be aware that some of these Dragons can be tough to beat for a low-level character. One to the East which sits just South of the road, West of Eastmarch Imperial Camp and South East of Steamcrag Camp. When the road splits in two, leave the road and head North and slighty East and you will run into the Dragon burial mound. If you start from Markarth and follow the road South you can access it by leaving the road and heading North at the tip edge of the lake.
Swindler’s Den lies just off a lonely mountain surrounded by plains which is directly East of Rorikstead. Eventually you will run into Fort Sungard which is nearly impossible to miss following either road.
Head West following the road as it twists its way through the area until you get to Evergreen Grove which sits just South of the road. Looking at the wire diagram, I have power to the horn and it works but I can not turn on the cruise control.
Spirit Beasts are rare spawn pets (with the exception of the MoP porcupines), meaning they may not appear for several hours once tamed or killed – some taking nearly a day before they decide to respawn.
I hope that you find this guide useful, and may it increase your success while out hunting the various Spirit Beasts of Azeroth. Even though the locations of all the Spirit Beasts are listed below, the World of Warcraft is quite vast and these beasts can sometimes be difficult to track down if you’re merely relying upon your eyeballs. He’s a neutral mob and will not attack you unless you either hit him first or begin taming. Based upon my experiences and the comments left by other successful tamers, the locations where he seems to spawn most are: west of the Nesingwary Base Camp, the spot just west of Skyreach Pillar, and the two locations furthest east by the gorillas. The places I’ve seen Gondria out the most are the two eastern spawn locations near the entrance to Grizzly Hills. He can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint due his diminutive size and the fact that he tends to phase in and out on occasion. Increasing your haste will reduce the cast time on Tame Beast, lessening the amount of time he has to hit you with his Nerfbat. This isn’t really that big of a deal, but it does mean that he will aggro if you get too close to him.
In order to see Ban’thalos you must be in the same phase, which requires the completion of a series of quests that begins here. This requires flying up to where he’s flapping about, dismounting and then shooting him.
You simply need to play ring around the rosies for awhile, making sure to prevent him from healing, while burning him down to within taming range. The good news is, Hutia is susceptible to snares and slows (but not Freezing Trap), so kiting this porcupine is easy. That way I’d be able to close quick for a clutch Scatter Shot in case Hutia tried to cast the heal before SilShot was available.
The trick with this taming challenge is that you need to maintain close range with him while kiting.
This is similar to how hunters used to have to handle warriors back when they had Intercept, and Charge was not usable in combat. Try and lay an Ice Trap whenever it’s off cooldown, and use Concussive Shot on him as much as possible. These things can make the kiting a bit more of a challenge by screwing with your camera angle, not to mention the obstacles you have to skirt around.
What makes this tame difficult is the fast pace, and the fact that Gumi will probably kill you if he gets close.
Open with Serpent Sting, Concussive Shot & Murder of Crows, while Disengaging back towards the road. Drop Ice and AoE traps when you can, and Disengage away from him when he gets too close for comfort. The first time I tamed him proved to be very difficult because my gear was crap at the time, and I had to kite him a good ways before I’d damaged him enough to remove Strong Will.

Make sure you have your talents and glyphs dialed in, then familiarize yourself with the kiting route. Luckly I was first and got it before it was tamed or killed but sadly I am still looking for Loque’nahak. Sounds like you’ve been fortunate the past few days, so hopefully that trend continues. I only know because I spent months farming rare mounts and have 6 PSD kills, 7 TLPD kills, and 5 Gray camel finds). You will have to do a lot searching of the area on an ATV or parachute before you could get your hands on this part. Then from Bonestrewn head Northwest and find the lowest of the three just a few steps from the crest. You will you pass Shimmermist Cave and just past it on the Northern slope of the mountain sits the Dragon burial mound. When you see Dead Men’s Respite head Northwest along the ridge line until you see a path leading you up to the Dragon burial mound. When the river splits in two head West and along the riverside on the North you will find the Dragon burial mound Northwest of Bruca’s Leap Redoubt. Continue past the den and head North slightly, a small lake with a river running out of it will be on the left side of the lonely mountain and to the right of the den. If you head South directly from the Fort you will see a Dragon burial mound which sits at the base of 2 hills.
You will probably notice the animals in the area acting strangely or glowing green because of the two Spriggans(Tree like creatures that glow green) guarding the grove. The contacts inside the switch a like the old school distributor points and they burn and short like the 1960s distributors did. One such addon that can really aid you in your search is NPCScan – another is Silver Dragon. Loque’nahak will leap towards you, landing right in your Freezing Trap for an easy tame.
Once you are within range to target him, throw a Hunter’s Mark up to make locating him easier. As for how to successfully tame him… just drop a Freezing Trap in your Tame Beast path and that should do it. To start this process, it’s important to pick a location where the fall will be very short.
You’ll probably take a bit of fall damage, but Deterrence will at least protect you from his Harsh Moonlight. Best way to go about this is to keep going around and around the log, hitting Hutia with Concussive Shot, Glaive Toss, an occasional Ice Trap, etc… I recommend using Aspect of the Hawk for this fight (as opposed to Cheetah) for the added DPS, since Hutia is not particularly fast, plus you can maintain slows on him.
Occasionally, Hutia may attempt to cast the heal before the CD has finished, in which case you can hit him with a Scatter Shot. As long as Silencing Shot is off cooldown, just stay at max range and keep on with the slows and pew-pew. Sure, you want to be mashing your Arcane Shot and Concussive Shot buttons, but concentrate on your range. For this tame, I blew the numbers up nice and big, then set the text to show as red if I was less than 10 yards away or further than 15, and green if I was 10-15 yards from Degu.
I’m pretty sure this mob is there by design, because if you happen to try kiting Degu through this area while the cat is out, it will jam you up because it will hit you with a slow, allowing Degu to roll up on you and eat you.
Refer to the Hutia guide above for the macro information, and if you need to know how to create a macro, please visit this page. He hits way harder than the other two porcupines, plus he dazes you – making it harder to get away from him once he closes.
Later on when my gear was less crap, I didn’t have to kite him quite as far, but it was still required that I turn around at the monastery and kite him back down the road a ways before he was ready. As long as you stick to the strat and don’t develop carpal tunnel during the kitefest, you should be fine. Being the OG spirit beast, and still one of the best hunter pet skins, Loque’nahak has and will always be a highly sought after pet. My first was Gumi, then Karoma (I was in the area and figured I would look), Loque’nahak (after 2 weeks of looking) and just 5 minutes ago Ankha (spent most of my Friday doing the Mt Hyjal quests that I never did as a level 80+).
I try to kill him in marksmen ship since he was still flying over head, after that failed I figured I would go to another realm and try and the bear was up lol.
Why would they write something from scratch, when there was already code in place that would do the job? Keep in mind depending on how you play the game, there are some random Dragon spawns based on how much time you have spent playing on your current character. The Dragon burial mound is sitting between the lake and the Northern tip of the lonely mountain.
If you decide to continue on the road you will eventually reach a crossroads, which sits a Dragon burial mound directly North of the road just mere steps away. Pass through or around it and you will find the Dragon burial mound to the Southwest of it.
Information and advice on how to find and tame them is also very important, both of which I hope to present to you with in this guide. Both of these addons can really help give you a jump on targeting these Spirit Beasts if they happen to be out and ready for taming.
Ankha has a Spirit Claw attack which scales off enemy armor, so be sure to remove any and all pieces of gear that provide armor. Then I had the bright idea of kiting him off of his path and onto the flat road that leads away near the center of his route.
YMMV, but the spots I’ve seen Loque most often are SW of the Nesingwary Camp and SW of Skyreach Pillar. I started using NPCfinder and NPCfinder_overlay about 4 days ago which made things a lot easier but I still refer to this guide ?? It may be 7 years since you started this page but it’s very helpful! I was lucky so as soon as I leave the group to go back to my realm Arcturus spawns on my realm I laugh as I watch the hunter swoop in like I wasn’t standing there I hit it with a quick and painful chimera shot and it dies! This post offers an overview of NPCScan, and this post will show you how to get both NPCScan and Silver Dragon up and running. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause problems unless you happen upon him when no one else is around. Because of this, it’s important you stay close and run towards him as soon as possible if you see him start to cast. Cheetah is not really a good idea for this tame since control is much more important than speed, not to mention the added DPS will help tremendously.
I repeat, he is very sneaky and will often fool you into moving outside of his range by stopping intermittently.

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