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How to Find the Person behind an Email Address Tech Guides About Us Work 18 Oct 2015 Find the Person Behind an Email Address If you only know the email address of a person, here are some tricks that will help you know the name, location and other details of the email sender. I don’t know any service which plots server locations on a map either, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Sometimes, getting more information about an email sender or email address becomes very necessary.
You may want to know the exact physical location of the email address, the DNS servers or mail server associated with the domain and the entire trace route of the email message that hits your inbox. The other day I received an email from an unknown person who wanted to add me as a friend to his Gmail account. In normal situations, I simply delete such unwanted requests and never communicate with email spammers.
The comments were not spam comments but the same person was using different email addresses to post comments on this blog.
I became really curious to find the person behind this email address, his exact location and the domain name server from where the email is coming.
That’s it, the tool will give a rough idea of the country or city from where the email is coming.
YouGetsignal also provides a reverse email look up tool (paid, $16 one time), which reveals more information about an email address.

101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? But this particular situation was different, because I found a match of the email address in my WordPress blog commentator list. This will open a new browser tab or window with some vital information about that email address and the message. Now that you have the IP address of the email sender, tracing his location on a Google Map is not a big deal.
So if the sender’s IP address is A and your IP address is B, a traceroute tool can be used to find the number of iterations and the path travelled by the message between the two IP addresses.
You can perform this checks with multiple email addresses and know the place and host name and mail server from where the email message is coming. All you have to do is enter the email address of the person and the tool will scan it’s database for previous records. I could not find any previous conversation with this person in my entire Gmail archive, which means neither I had sent or received any email from this person or the email address in question. If you want to search for blog commentator’s email address in WordPress, login to WordPress administration area, go to Comments and simply type the commentators name or email address in the search box.

If you only know the email address of a person and nothing more, here are some ways that may help you uncover the identity of that unknown email sender.
Now paste the IP address in this trace route tool and you should get a fairly good idea about the approximate location of the email sender. Reverse email search with Facebook Facebook has a billion users and the likelihood is therefore high that the sender may also have a profile on Facebook. Unlike LinkedIn and most other social networks, Facebook lets you search users by email address so that should make your job simpler.
Just paste the email address of the person into the search box and Facebook will instantly tell you if a profile exists with that email address or not.
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